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Retrocade V: Saturday, October 23 @ 7PM in Harrisburg, PA


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Wow - provided there's no power outage it looks like Retrocade V is going to be epic...we have 35 guests and each day sees more and more...


I finished Congorilla on Sunday so that means 7 working arcade cabinets in the Retrocade and maybe 8 if Missile Command can be finished in time...


I'm going to setup the Florida room on Friday and I'll post pix of the entire spread when I'm done.

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The console area is ready to go: Intellivision, ColecoVision, Atari 5200, Atari 7800, Nintendo 64 and PS2. I have a TV playing DVDs such as the official Retrocade V DVD along with TRON (seen in the photo below).


I'll have Live Aid (as it was broadcast with commercials) on VHS playing in the Chill Room. The Phillies game will be on upstairs in HD, of course.




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Incidentally, I just started building a www site:




Site looks good. I hope to be able to attend Retrocade VI in April 23. BTW, did you happen to get the Congorilla cabinet done before the last Retrocade?




Congorilla was as good as we could get it. There were video issues that mainly affected the barrel levels but it was playable. I'm currently looking into having the board set repaired or buying a new one.


BTW, we send out our invites using Pingg.com. Make sure you (or anyone else) send me your name and email address via the "Contact Us" link on the Retrocade site and I can add you to the invite that will be sent out this spring.

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