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Borderlands New DLC: Claptrap Robolution


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I won't post any spoilers but have to say that I bought this DLC yesterday and am disappointed in it. My summary:


It's short.... took me just about 3 hours to finish.


Uninspired quests that amounted to almost nothing more than collecting things like you did for "Braaaaaaaaiiiiinnnnsssss" on Zombie Island.


No all-new weapons, just a few variations on existing weapons.


No new enemies, just "Clap-trapped" variations of known enemies.


Raised Level Cap hasn't taken place yet so if you are already Lvl 61 then the experience you gain from

playing this DLC now amounts to nothing.


Some of the quests were nothing more than farming claptrap's over and over and over and over hoping for specific drops.


No vehicles. No fast travel. Lots of running thru three somewhat large zones.


A couple other things but I don't want to post any spoilers.


There is some excellent humor in the game and some decent design to the zones. But overall, I'm disappointed in the DLC as its not anywhere near as good as the General Knox DLC.




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My opinions:


My favorite is The Secret Armory of General Knoxx by a long shot. It is quite lengthy, lots of side quests, lots of humor (Knoxx himself is a pure riot), lots of new enemies, and the reward for completing it is well worth the play. It also has one mean, nasty, baddass, POWERFUL end boss... Crawmerax... that will take quite a bit of skill, power, and luck to beat. Be advised that this entire DLC is quite tough and I believe was intended for higher level players who have beaten the main game. Lower level players can attempt it but will more than likely get their rears handed to them very frequently.


Zombie Island of Dr. Ned is a fun, fun DLC. Not a huge "world" but quite big. Has a storyline to it with a couple twists-turns, lots of humor, plenty of enemies to fight with a few new ones added in, and a good number of quests. This DLC can be taken on by any level player and the chance to obtain some good weapons is quite high. Has one side quest, "Braaaiiinnnsss" that rewards you with good experience points but is quite boring to complete.


Claptrap Robolution isn't terrible, it was just disappointing to me. As I said, its quite short, not much of a challenge, not many new enemies, and some really boring, uninspired quests. But it is Borderlands and if you become a die-hard fan then you will at least want to play this.


Moxie's ThunderDome isn't a "quest" type DLC like the other three, but just a "mode type" DLC. It consists of three arena's and its you and up to three friends taking on wave after wave after wave of enemies in a "How long will we last?" type of game. You get no experience points for killing anything and the weapon drops that happen after completing a wave are almost totally worthless. No fun at all solo and even with friends it became sort of boring to us after a couple hours of playing. My friends and I go back and play this occasionally when we are in the mood to just slaughter enemies without going on a quest or feeling a need to achieve a goal.




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