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ccatalyst Gameroom Collection.


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And finally to the console collectors, you might appreciate this, - nope you are not seeing double, this is my 2nd entex adventurevision, just got it a couple of days ago. You can also see a picture of both of them a couple of posts above this one, showing 2 candy cabs sitting below them.





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Just got my Pioneer PX-V60 MSX LD system hooked up along with an LD-700 Laserdisc player, and everything is working perfectly, i did not have enough room to put the keyboard over the px-v60 sytem, so i had to put it on top of the halcyon, i thought it seemed poetic, anyhow here are some pics of the system running, including me running a call LD command which runs the Laserdisc, this is NOT an msx title, it is a crappy laser i had lying around, i was just in test mode and getting ready for the ld's that are hopefully arriving next week, i will have 7 out of the 11 titles covered, i will post additional pictures when those arrive.








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Ok everyone, new updates today, This one is for the console fans, i just acquired a Dick Smith Wizzard, i compared it to my creativision, and as you can see in the pics, absolutely no difference, other than the freaky Psychedelic sticker on the left and the even wierder picture of Dick Smith on the right,they are exactly the same. Also i received my msx laserdiscs from japan last week, im missing 4 more to complete the entire collection, and i have not been able to test these yet, due to either a defective player or defective px-v60 msx computer, hopefully by this week we will have found the culprit, i have another ld player on it's way. Anyhow here are the pics. Enjoy.






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Ok this one is for the Arcade fans, met a real great collector last week , a top notch guy, and he sold me ,"thanks once again bazil" his "The Act" NOS Arcade Kit, here are pics of the entire kit, including pictures to show how big the controller is compared to my hand, the actual box it came in, marquee, cp graphic, manual, etc, for those who do not know what this is, you may want to google "The Act Arcade Cecropia" you will be pleasently surprised, anyhow here are the pics.





PS: oh it also came with a jamma harness, but we all know what that looks like, so i did not take a pic of the harness.











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Well guys, i got the control panel cut today for installing "The act" in the sega blast city, the cp and the marquee graphics were not going to fit from the original kit, so i took them into a sign shop to have them scanned, photoshopped and shrunk to the proper dimensions. I will be posting pics soon.



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Ok guys finally finished it, the act is now in a sega blast city cabinet, there are a ton of pictures, so i will start at the begining, First i had to go to a metal shop and had them cut a piece of metal to match the original size of the blast city's cp. Once that was completed, I was off to a sign shop and had them scan both the control panel and the marquee graphics, i had them resize both to the proper dimensions in order to fit the blast city,and we had to redesign the control panel's graphics by cutting and pasting a few images to extend the graphics to the proper location of the cp, i wanted the words "the act" all the way to the left, under the original design it puts the T in Act right under the controller, hence the modified graphics. Once it was finished we laminated and installed it onto the metal cp plate, i was ready to proceed. Next i noticed I could not get the controller to fit into such a small control panel as the blast city,Damn, always something, so i tried to take it apart and see if i could do anything else with it to makie it fit better, nope , it would have been a major pain the butt, to rebuild this onto the bottom of the control panel, and i would'nt have felt it was well protected, so after 30 minutes or so of tweaking and moving around the controller under the panel,to see if it would fit better anywhere else under the cp, i finally settled for it being right in the center, where i originally was going to put it anyways, but the problem with that is that there is a mounting screw hole right there on the top of the control panel holder and it would not let me put the controller in, at least not without me cutting the control panel holder itself, which i did not want to do, so my solution to thie problem was to space the controller so the screw holder slides between the controller and the panel. It worked like a charm, however when i bolted it all together, the graphics twisted under the turning pressure of the screw, i tried 2 washer sizes, and finally went my 3rd largest size, yeah i know it's a little big, but it works great and it does not bunch up the graphics no matter how hard i turn the screws on it., I also took pictures of the inside of the arcade system itself, it is basically a pc with an additional board underneath the main motherboard, it seems to be some type of jamma adapter, and security key in one, if you unplug it the game gives you a security violation message and wont play. And there is also an ultimark cga converter board mounted towards the front of the case, So after rebuiling the pc back together, getting the cp finished, and finally installing the marquee. I had to add a surge suppresor inside the cabinet in order to power the arcade pc board, and that is all there is to it. As the french would say, "Simple, No." Well actually no, it was a pain, but i believe the final results look pretty good, im going to be touching up the cab in the next few days and cleaning it up a bit more, and im done. Well onto the pics,they might not be in order, but from reading my post you should be able to tell what your looking at. Comments welcome.





















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Just got in an LV-D2000 laser disc player and lo and behold it works with the MSX system, even though it was never listed as a supported player, in fact it works better than the ld-700, Also I have interstellar and Umi Yukaba LD's for the MSX on their way, i will post pictures of the entire setup once they arrive, finally I ended up purchasing a second taito x2, this one was purchased from kingsley over at the coinopstore and even though it got a bit dinged up in transit, he was very fair and offered to replace it immediately, instead i just opted for a discount which he did with no hesitation, great guy to deal with. But with this addition to the collection i was finally able to go ahead and get 2-SFIV kits, and set them up this weekend, great game, I will post pics later on this week.



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Hello everyone, i have been pretty busy lately with a projects im working on, But i managed to slip away long enough to do a couple of updates, so here you go,

The first update is for you arcade junkie, "you know who you are", I have just added a Sega crazy taxi sit down and a sammy trophy hunter to the collection, also you will see a picture of my discs of tron with 3 of the tron discs available now for sale at most toy stores, i thought it would look appropiate on the game, let me know what everyone thinks, Also i received another 7 of so control panels you can see them lined up on my wall, these are going to be going on the sega blast city cabs in my garage, you can see a picture of them all standing by waiting to get fixed. You can also see a row of monitors that are being worked on behind the candies, Also my space continues to dwindle down, so i have to put my new game "the act" in "the kitchen" next to "the fridge". I also managed to get both of my sfiv working and linked together, what a great game, anyhow here are some pics, and i'll be posting an update for the console collectors next.








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Ok everyone this update is for the console collectors out there.

My latest updates are "esh's aurunmilla" for the msx ld, you can see a picture of it , along with my entire collection of ld games, for the laseractive, the msx and a couple of arcade ones thrown in for good measure. I am now only missing 1 laserdisc for the msx - "rolling blaster" once i get that one, im officially done with all the msx ld's. I have also added a very rare unisonic champion 2711 serial #154, it is in very good to mint condition, in fact it was in such good condition that it still had the plastic that they put over electronics to protect them, i cant stand that , so i peeled it off, you can see it lying in the corner with the unisonic now being all shiny. I also took a close up picture of "Jimmy the greek" who endorsed this system, and pictures of the Manual, warranty and registration cards. I also got a mint condition viewsonic interactive vision, i thought i would get a second unit in mint condition just to have as a spare, i can always use a good spare unit, just in case. Anyhow on to the pics , Until next time fellow collectors, same arcade place, same arcade channel, excelsior. - "Sorry, I could'nt help that."















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Ok, i got another one for the console collectors out there, this is an APF imagination machine, and it is the latest addition to my ever growing collection, those of you who know what this is, will need no further info, i got this one though a great guy call skip at reminisce toy company, this is a shameless plug for him, but if you need old or classic toys give him a buzz at (856) 293-0523 . Also skip here are the pictures of the item working, i had to clean the contacts with deox, but now it works pretty well, i just have to clean the tape heads and try out a tape when i get the chance. For those of you who do not know what this is, click on these links to find out more


Link 1


Link 2


I hope everyone enjoys the pics.


















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Well things have been a little nutty lately, it all started with a friend of mine saying his business was slowing down, i had also mentioned to him, mine had been stagnant for a bit also, nothing new seemed to be coming down pipelines, and every business owner i had spoken to in the area was pretty much saying the same thing.

After looking at a few options we started a parnership looking for something new to run with in order to diversify, and to better brace ourselves for possible hard times ahead. I had decided to go to the Arcade auction in tennessee to see if there was anything that i would like, and we ended up buying about 30 more games, and i thought since i now have so many arcade games just sitting around here doing nothing and the economy doesnt seem to be doing any better , at least not in our parts , we are going to attempt to open up an arcade, Now whether this is an insane move or not remains to be seen. But it is doing something i love and sometimes you just have to jump in with both feet. So i held my breath, closed my eyes and jumped.

We just registered the name arcadeodyssey.com, hired a logo company to design a real attention getting logo and the roller coaster ride has begun.

Here are the top logo contenders so far, final decisions will be made tonight, let me know what everyone thinks. You can see better images by clicking on the link,


Arcade Odyssey's Logos


sometimes you will get x's in the images, it seems to work best with firefox.


Signing off for now,



PS:oh i almost forgot, I also added a channel f model 2 to the collection.






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Here are some pictures of the Tennessee auction. i appoligize if they are not very clear, this was taken from my cell phone in 15 degree weather, so being from miami, i was pretty cold, and trying my hardest to keep the camera still. I hope these can give everyone a look at the sheer size of this auction, They were over 1000 pieces for auction, and we had 2 auctioneers going simulataneously, so you had to be running between 1 and the other to get everything you wanted. It was a very very long weekend, and i went almost 3 days without sleep before finally getting back to miami and unloaded the games, i will try and post pictures of them soon.





















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Finally after 1 year of hunting this bad boy down, i got a Panasonic FZ-35S which is the elusive 3DO M2, I just added it to the collection, along with a Nintendo 3DS added for good measure. Even though i already have Polystars from konami which was the 3DO M2's entry into the arcade forum, it was still nice to have the home version, even though it was never actually realeased for the home only for commercial purposes.

Well very few systems left to go. Here are some images of the FZ-35S for everyone., also just checking, is anyone following this thread, i see alot of people reading it, but no postings other than my own.










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Well this is not going well, so far i have , a partner, a corporation, a company bank account, funds in the bank account, a business name, a registered dns name, a company logo, 34 perfect working games and 30 of them being worked on, a warehouse to store everything in while they are being repaired, parts on their way to repair said games, lifesize cool action figures, more figures on their way, but NO damn place to get this thing going. We wanted to start with at least 6-12 pins, + 60 games + 10 xbox 360, ps3, and several other consoles with 50 " screens, so we decided we needed somewhere around 4500sq ft or so.


Just in case anyone else decides to do this let me tell you it is no picnic, In miami the rent in almost every place we looked at is way too high, to jujstify the openning of an arcade at least not without charging ALOT for game play, just to give you all some figures


in the beach area - 2400 sq ft - 33k per month + taxes + maintainance + 5-10 yr personal guarantee - yes you read all of that correctly, a volvo + your blood and soul per month

in any major mall - 4000 sq ft - 24k per month + same as above, but you get to keep 1/2 of 1 testicle.

in any strip mall - 3000-4000 sq ft - 10k-16k per month + same as above, 1 testicle + some hair on this one

in any crappy strip mall - 3000-4000 sq ft - 6k-10k per month + same as above but only 3 yr personal guarantee, yeah it better but still shitty, remember we are talking quarters here.


we have looked in the entire miami area, from key largo to north miami, if we found anything lower it was either in a horrible ,crime infested part of town, or in an area where only rodents would keep you company - not even cricketts - im not kidding, or they just would not allow an arcade to be put there, yes, we actually got told by over 10 locations, that there were NO ARCADES ALLOWED, if there was any publixs, winn dixies , chucke cheeses, and at least 2 more that are evading me right now, their leases were specifically written so no arcades could be put in any location where they were, we were told they would attract the WRONG ELEMENT - i assume they meant kids.


So with that said and seeing we are only charging quarters, we decided to open up in a warehouse, the rent was very reasonable - 4k per month, the space was great 6000 sq ft, and we ran demographics in the area, over 13,000 kids ages 10-18 within a 1 mile vicinity, 77 crimes commited since 1-1-11 till today also in the same radius, with a soccer park facing the warehouse, and several karate,swimming,baseball & dance schools within walking distance, everything was looking up, so we thought we were done and then we checked with zoning and lo and behold, you cannot open up an Arcade in a commercial zone, you must be in a retail zone, and of course a retail zone forces you into the price ranges and restrictions listed above. But i am tenacious, so i decided to check with an attorney to see if there is any way to get around this limitation, i picked up the landlord's layout plans of the area and had them scanned at kinkos, and email them to a zoning attorney to see what can be done.


Will Rick be able to finally get a decent arcade going, what about those wrong element - kids that everyone seems to want to avoid, are they infectious? can they be stopped? will the attorney find a loophole, and if Rick gets forced in a retail space, does he get to choose which 1/2 of 1 testicle he gets to keep, so tune in for the next exciting adventure of Rick in Arcade HELL land.

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Just got a House of the dead 3, I will be posting pictures of it and my auction purchases in tennessee hopefully later on today.

Also The hunt for a place for me to open up[ my arcade continues, but still no luck.




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Oh, i have beem so busy with the arcade i had forgotten to mention, i had some pictures of me + quotes published in a book, i am the one with the xmen and listed as #20, you can see a video here



and read the first few pages of the book here







Hope you all enjoy.





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Ok everyone here are the pictures of the new games i just added to the collection,im in the process of repairing them right now, so sorry for the mess everywhere.




We are looking at


house of the dead III

another blast city

trophy hunting

crazy taxi

vapor trx

area 51/maximum force combo

star wars trilogy

18 wheeler

revolution x

pump it up nx

sword of honor

smashing drive

pga tour golf

tsumo jr


star wars pinball

silent scope ex

arctic thunder deluxe

savage quest

crusin exotica deluxe

terminator 3 pinball

2 - fast track air hockey tables

6 cranes

5 redemption machines



















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