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Frogger with real turtles


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I like what you did with the turtles. There were some things that always bothered me too, like the look of frogger when you reach the other side. So, I made a couple minor edits to your turtle idea, the cars, frogger, the logs, and the snake (which already looked good, but I made it like the Sega cassette version).


It would be nice to make it where each sprite could have more than one color like the cassette version. As for sprite edits, I'm probably done. :)




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That works too. Your frogs, turtles and bulldozer all look really good. Though I might revert back to an all solid truck, if for no other reason then I don't recall any other Frogger version where it had stripes. Maybe if I have some time I'll come back to this and try to do something about the cars, using the arcade or the Atari 800 versions for ideas. But that might be hard with just monochrome sprites. I don't want to spend too much time on this since we already have the excellent Starpath version anyway.

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Ok, Frogger hack version 3.


I kept Kevin's changes to the frogs, turtles and logs.

Then I modeled the cars, bulldozer and snake after the Atari 800 John Harris version (as much as was possible with monochrome sprites that are only 7 bits tall).


Have fun playing any of these or use them as a guide to hack your own...


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