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Genesis 3 question


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Yes you can.


Right, so I tried it but the adaptor I use for the Genesis 2 wouldn't fit. I believe it's one of the older ones with the ridges on either side of the adaptor. I suppose I need to use the other version?


Do you mean just because the plastic is physically too wide to make it fit in the hole properly? If so, then yup -- you just need one without the ridges to work.


If you need one, PM me - I know I have some at the GOAT Store, and I've got a Gen3 that I can test them on for you to ensure they work.

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I didn't know that, but that's pretty cool.

I have always wanted a Genesis 3 because it's small and I really dig the smaller, rarer versions of systems.

I still have a Genesis 2 around just in case I need to get around compatibility issues, but by and large, the Gen3 is working out quite well for me and fits nicely in my bedroom, along with all my games on just a small shelf :thumbsup:

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The Genesis 3 model is a really neat thingy to have; I got one from eBay back in 2003. Do you know that it is region-free? Can't use add-ons such as the 32x, though.

You can fix most of those issues such as 32x and everdrive carts


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I had one for a time, but if it won't do Virtua Racing (Genesis version) or 32X (which it would look ridiculous with if it did) without significant mods, I had to ask myself "why?" so I sold it. I really like the Genesis model 2; it's a nice balance (IMO) of quality and size. The Genesis 3 just felt "cheap." Little touches like the monaural A/V cable did little to alleviate this feeling.

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