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NES, SNES, Genesis all in one hardware?


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So, a friend of mine sent me this link:




Looks like a built-in Genesis, SNES, and NES all together.

I was wondering if anyone has one. And, if it's good, or a piece of crap.

Additionally, does anyone know if it uses "real hardware" or if it's doing emulation to keep the costs down?


I'm considering getting one to "save shelf and cord space", but I'm always a little leery about some of these modern re-makings.

Anyone have any ideas?


Many thanks in advance!


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I don't personally own this, but I've read and seen reviews and its an adequate clone system with the typical downfalls. No, it will not have 100% compatibility, your Castlevania III will not work with it, and Virtua Racing for the Genesis isn't going to work along with the other ones clones can't normally handle. Obviously add ons like the 32X (and the Master Base Converter I believe) aren't going to happen. If I recall the controllers are crap and awkward for NES and SNES games. It has the typical sound issues with not everything sounding exactly like you remember. Some NES colors are not going to look right.


Is this a horrible product? No, but you have to be aware it isn't perfect either. Yes it will save space but you'll have to sacrifice some things.

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The controllers that come with this one aren't terrible, but if they ever break it may be difficult to get replacements. Also, for just a little more money, I may recommend trying the Retron. Original pad support as stated above, and possibly better video output (I'm not sure about this as I haven't used one, yet). On the FC3 I had, audio and video was inconsistent across the three formats.

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This is by Yobo, not DDR Game, I think that is just the store/ seller.


The Yobo FC3 in not terrible, the controller is actually pretty great (in my opinion) becuase it borrows more from the SNES controller.


However, I highly suggest checking out the Retron 3. Stoneage Gamer from these forums sells them in his store. I own one, and I am very pleased with it. All of my games work. But the best part, you can use your original controllers! So at any given time, you can have six controlers hooked up, plus the two wireless controller that came with the system. I keep one of each classic controlers hooked up to the system.


My only complaint with either of the two systems, is that SOME of the sounds for the NES are off. Most games you wont even notice it, like the Megaman games you cant really tell, but SMB3 sounded a lot different. If you are using a CRT television, you can even play Duck Hunt :)

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I posted a full review of the RetroN3 on the Sega-16 forums: http://www.sega-16.com/forum/showpost.php?p=303221&postcount=105


I haven't personally used an FC3 Plus, but I can definitely recommend a RetroN3 as a good all-in-1 clone for playing NES, Super NES and Genesis games. Oh, and you can also play Sega Master System games with a Power Base Converter.


I will see if can snag an FC3 Plus, however. I like to pick any clone that comes along as it's always a new experience with each one.

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