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Xband 2.0


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So those of you who were fortunate enough to play on xband back in the days remember how cool it was and were sad to see it go. For those who dont know what it is, simply check it out on wikipedia. it was basically xbox live on the genesis/snes before xbox live existed...


Anyway, since the source code is no where to be found for the genesis/snes version and the hardware technology is quite old (modem) we figured we'd take it to the next level.


Currently we're re-creating the xband GUI and software for the pc which runs genesis and snes emulators in the background and allows you to randomly link up with opponents and keep track of your kill/win streaks in mario kart, killer instinct, MK2, mk3, nba jam, primal rage, madden 95 and 96 ect ect ect. More games will be added than the original lineup eventually (sega cd games maybe? 32x?) Pretty cool huh. you'll also have Private messaging system and contact list and can get gaming news and xband news with tournaments and national ranking list.


Now im sure your thinking "Yeah right how do you keep people from cheating since your using emulators and roms"


Quite simple actually. we're using a nice piece of hardware that allows you to plug your snes or genesis cartridges into a usb port on your computer via a cable and the unit box. this eliminates the changes of someone messing with rom files and potentially cheating. also any game genie devices in the emulators are dissabled or locked.


Couple this setup with a USB genesis controller or snes controller and your about as close to real snes or genesis xband as it gets.


Just seeing if there was any interest in this here possibly. cost so far would be finding a USB controller and paying about 80-90 dollars for the cartridge hardware setup. Xband software would be free to download but would require the cartridge interface hardware.


Please if interested sign up and check out www.saturnleague.com forums and check out the x-band revival section.

We have most if not all of our xband revival project updates there until we open a website.

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Hey everybody, this thing ROCKS! It's a beta right now but it is really cool, I used it tonight, and I can say it is pretty frekkin sweet. It is being worked on but it WORKS as it is now. Tonight I played a version of Mario Kart (looked more like Atari Karts really but played LOTS better), and since I am playing with a keyboard and mouse I was having trouble with the controls. I say get a USB NES controller or adapter for something you are used to.


The lag was nonexistent, there was ZERO lag while playing.


In game chat was good, press T to talk and you can still play (if you have four hands) or a buddy to type for you.


All in all, this tech so far is giving a HUGE thumbs up, and the future looks great! :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

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Hey guys, we've moved on from Xband 2 and are extremely close to being done with Xband 3. Krazystyle and Laguna will be doing a live demo and Q&A session on Saturday, November 26th around 8 PM Eastern. Not sure what the exact URL is for the stickam demo, but keep an eye on the YouTube page for more information:


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Any news about Xband 3.0 ?


I'm really getting more and more interested in this! But i also heard that some parts of the source code are actually still in use(or missing), and consequently, cannot be used to make a PHYSICAL revival of the Xband. Am i wrong on this ? If i'm right, i found many sites out there giving some zip files containing the sourcecode of the Xband (maybe incomplete?)


Most famous link is : http://wiki.superfamicom.org/snes/show/XBAND


Who still use this code anyway and for what ? Would be Interesting to know !!


Keep up the good work anyway, i still follow that Xband411 channel on youtube to have some info !

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