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Kinect Launch Day. Disturbingly slow?

Paul Humbug

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Well, I finally played this thing at the Microsoft store and I have to admit I thought it was pretty sweet. The boat game I was playing was very arcade like and really made me feel like I was playing something new and revolutionary. WAY better than the MOVE which I bought at launch and sold shortly after. The set up at the Microsoft store did have a LOT of trouble not reading you when you were to close to the screen. I only played for about 10 minutes but from what I could tell if you were any closer than 7 feet for-get-about-it! If it does that on there nice TV in a store set up display I am a little worried how my small living room would handle it seeing it's only about 11 feet wide and 3 or 4 feet of that is taken up by couch. Really that is the only thing stopping me from getting it. I am debating dedicating a portion of my basement gameroom to it but I will really have to play it more before I do that since it would take up the space of two potential pinball machines.

Why would you buy move & then get rid of it so quickly?? Would you do the same with kinect?? Both seem to have some half decent titles, but the good stuff should be coming in 12-18 months time!! :D When everyone should be getting used to it & having thought outside the box!

Meh, I didn't lose too much on it so I considered it more of a 2 week rental. I would rather sell it now and buy it back in 2 years when (or if) the good stuff comes out then risk it going to the bargain bin and being stuck with it. It would be one thing if I liked it but I was just really underwhelmed by it so I figured I would sell it while it was still valued.

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