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Vectrex owners roll call!


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with the help of a programmer i was able to create a Macintosh Serial Number Decoder, you can read out the date of production, manufacture, model ID and more from a Mac serial number. All informations are stored in a number and letter code.


But what about the Vectrex Serial Number? Is there some information that can be read out of the number, like production date, manufacture (USA, UK, Japan?) and the specific model ID ? Does anyone knows something about a hidden code in the Serial or is it just from 00000001 to 01234355 ?


Please have a look to my new project at http://vectrexmuseum.com/mobile/vecapp.php


The first mobile Vectrex Locator App for mobile devices!




I was just skimming this topic until I saw the graphic which, for a split second, made me hope there was actually an iOS app for the Vectrex. Not to hijack the thread, but how awesome would an icade enabled Vectrex ios app be? :-). (yes, I do have the real thing, it just doesn't happen to be as 'couch-side' friendly as an iPad)

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I've been wondering if the 'retina display' reputed to be included in the upcoming iPad 3 will be able to do vector graphics justice. It seems like it would be able to approach the look of vector graphics pretty well.

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I added two of my serial numbers, but what's the point, they will not update to the site. Apparently the Admin of that site is AWOL.


Which site are you talking about?




Ah. Well I actually encourage Vectrex fans to register their machine at the following site:




This is not maintained by the original creator but you can still add your Vectrex details to it. Fill in the form, submit, and the next time you refresh the webpage, the details are added to the end of the list. I also frequently store all the data to an excel sheet in case the website suddenly dissappears.

I think its useful to collect this data, as the more data there is the more can be concluded about different production types and production totals. This might be boring to some, but its heckish interesting to me :)

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I am a former owner and sadly have no information on my unit other than it was loose and working with a multicart one other loose game and a controller I restored. I have spotted another vectrex locally I would like to save from salvation army-we shall see!

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I added two of my serial numbers, but what's the point, they will not update to the site. Apparently the Admin of that site is AWOL.


I'm not AWOL I just approve submissions once a week...

So I guess that means my third Vectrex S/N I just entered on your site will be added next week? I'll take your word for it brother.

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