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New Year's Disc 2011


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Hmm, actually I hardly have time but maybe NYD is the right place for something that originates back from 1990 and never found a home. It's a small story about a baththing cap (<= really, replase don't ask why...). But one day the disk drive broke and took the source with itself. A year later I tried to disassemble the whole things from an early executable, but then I gave up half way. Just look at the labels ;-)

Maybe I can make a litte fun prod out of it.



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Some updates:


First entry arrived yesterdays. The author said it´s only a first entry for this years nyd ;)


Some days ago I got a very nice beta from another one. Very promising! :cool: I did a little title screen for that - so at least one thing I have done yet :roll: Hope to have the other things ready right, when they have to be ready.


OK, yesterday I got some idea and today started working on it... let's see if I'll manage to do it and do it in time and if you will like it :)


PS. Hey PG wake up! I need help :P


I´ll bet your entry will rock us all again!


i am working on something, too...


Give it to us... give it to us... (hmm what song this comes from?!?)

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...but I'm slacking a bit hehe :) "just" waiting for PG to wake up from winter sleep and give me some nice gfx and msx and then... then I'll realize that my idea is not working... I guess it will be tough work because PG will surely send me some data like just on the last day of this year :P

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btw. when I am done... I should not release it, right? :)



No... the intention usually is that it's all released in one go, and no sneak previews etc.


Yes, it´s right the way rybags describes :)


The first editions where started right at xmas eve, but it seems to be better to have a bit more time to code, so I decided to start the event earlier. So maybe we get a bit more entries - or aybe not more, but on higher coding level?


The deadline is set to dec. 31st, so I have some hours to collect all entries and put them together for a release right when the new year starts. The last editions have been online about noon CET. Then even the last people have their new year arrived (somewhere in the wide wide ocean - maybe Samoa).

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my contribution has just been sent to PPS.

... and was tested on real hardware (130 XE PAL) - it runs fine ;)


Not that we have a desaster as last year, where many things didn´t run on real hw in the right way. I even found out that this years invitro doesn´t work right on real thing too - but every emulator runs it fine :roll:

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My intro runs on emulators fine too but on real HW is broken (as usual, it seems to me that every bit of code what I write, runs fine only in emus and not real HW even it is something rather simple and not extraordinary). I managed to fix it somehow but I don't understand what's wrong. I hope someone will investigate it later and tell me why :)

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pps, even with Altirra 1.8 final release?


Hmm, I have a beta release...




it´s release: 1.8-test28


Maybe the other computer has a later version, but on both of my pc it runs fine on all emus I have (atari++ 1.58, atariwin+ 4.0 and the above mentioned Altirra)


I hope someone will investigate it later and tell me why :)


Maybe JAC! has some time for that - he did a great job for the last edition.

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I was previously using test28 too, when Avery released the final version recently it showed that there was a small timing error in one of my interrupts that was running fine under the previous versions and the other emulators so I quickly checked it on the real hardware and it was indeed incorrect!


Here's the thread for the final 1.8 release: http://www.atariage.com/forums/topic/174242-altirra-18-released/

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Yes, running fine on Altirra 1.8 and on real HW has problems. I removed the fix so I hope it is it as I don't have how to test it on real hw right now.
You could perhaps send the executable to Avery to help discover the emulation error to be fixed for the next release and the answer will also help you discover the bug too :)
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