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Just found a funny TI bumper sticker...


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Owen, I'm psyched to put it on something, but I'm afraid of picking the wrong thing and having it not be as visible as it deserves. I'll probably wait till my basement room is finished and put it somewhere in a place of honor. I have another one somewhere with "I (heart) TI 99/4A" in that classic 'computer letters' font... they'll have to go up together.

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Yea--- my speech synth only cusses... It was a modification on the original TI-99/4.


Parsec-- "Press Fu** to begin"

Alpiner-- "You f**ing a**hole, that was a dumb move!!"

Early Learning Fun-- "Are you a f***in' retard?!"


Yea--- I don't even know if that Alpiner one is a mod.... That announcer is a sarcastic b*tch

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God, I'm rusty!!!! First time through I got whacked... second time... not too much better


I never used anything but the original TI controllers with my (the family) TI. In fact, the same ones we had forever. I guess I got one of the rare sets that worked. In later years I had an Atari adapter and used an Epyx joystick, but for some reason I am locked into playing certain platforms with the "proper" controllers or I cannot play for spit.


Anyway, I was happy to discover that I could still hit the saucer down to pixel size :)

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