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Mazes and Memory and Dungeons


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The more I think about it, using strings, or a string array, might turn out to be the fastest way to do the maze storage in stock BASIC or XB.


During my transitional period in which I worked with both Commodore BASIC and TI BASIC, being that TI BASIC lacks the integer caste and is compounded by the use of VDP memory, this is exactly how I attempted to cope with the issue. At the time I was more concerned with memory consumption than speed, which would wind up being a bonus.


Sadly, I dropped out of the TI realm before I could experiment or exploit this much. The speed of the C64's BASIC and ease of programming in 6502 ML/AL was far too alluring.

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Yeah - Dunno about the assembly part - and my friends all had C64s... But they couldn't write anything. The richness of TI Basic (and moreso Extended BASIC) allowed me to actually write stuff. You can't write a game on C64... All they did was peek and poke. If you're gonna do that, you should just learn assembly (which I found impossible as a kid without anything but that fat manual). So, I still don't know assembly for the TI... And that's not in the cards for me, but I am having so much fun doing things that I wouldn't have thought possible back then...

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