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HSC Season 3 Week 16: Balloon Bomber


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Balloon Bomber

You control a tank that shoots at balloons.


Game Information

Game Name: Balloon Bomber

Released By: Taito, 1980

MAME ROMset: Ballbomb

Dip Switches: Lives: 3

Chosen By: Dr Galaga

ROM Location: http://romhustler.net/download/mame/343

Twin Galaxies MAME World Record: 28,650


Competition ends Sunday, November 28 @ 12PM EST



1. 7,400 Dr Galaga

2. 6,700 patbb

3. 5,800 rmaerz

4. 4,550 roadrunner









Season Standings

Calculations through week 15

1. patbb 668

2. rmaerz 620

3. roadrunner 472

4. LarcenTyler 246

5. FlyingTurtle 181

6. ClassicGMR 128

7. Dr Galaga 127

8. Zoyx 42

9. HatefulGravey 38

10. homerwannabee 20

11. 4Ks 18

12. Mister VCS 6

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What I don't like about this game is if the balloons are able to drop bombs after you kill them off then they should have given the ability to shoot 4 bullets at a time.


The way I see it it that the bomb is just dropping after you shoot the balloon.

Try shooting at the bomb instead.

I know ... it's not that easy icon_exclaim.gif


If you shoot the balloon, you should have time to shoot the bomb, but you only have one chance.


What I don't like is that that ground does not return to "normal" when a level is completed.

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