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Cool tape discoveries!


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Yes--- check out my "Maze Man" thread on this forum... I recently recovered a lost game from tape and posted the file and code to this forum... It's quite a process, but it works. :). I just sent a letter to our resident TI historian Bill Gaskill asking what he knew of the 99/4 user group tapes and if it would be helpful to recover these programs as well.... Or if they exist online somewhere already. I could load the business tapes, but I'm sure the code would no longer be interesting or relevant anymore, unlike Maze Man. Thanks for your comment. :)

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Can you imagine using cassettes for storage for business applications?




owner.......how are the sales orders looking today

Secretary...wait just a few minutes and I'll load that up for you

owner.......got it yet?

secretary...almost I think

owner after you get that I need you to record these gas receipts.

secretary...no problem

secretary...10 sales so far this morning

owner.......I'm on the phone with the state about the sales take can you pull that up please

secretary...sorry it's in the middle of loading the fuel program.

owner.......I can't wait for that I need the sales info, just shut it off and restart it.

secretary...ok, give me a min.

secretary...off...on...1 basic...old cs1........loading it now sir.




secretary...run........Shit it was the wrong cassette!

owner.......damn it. can't we just keep this stuff in a ledger???!!!!!

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These are some cool tapes... Home Computer magazine, hand checked for the TI-99/4a (see pictures) these have program listings as well. They are a combination of utilities and games for XB and LOGO. Here are the programs on these tapes:


Extended BASIC:


Orbital Defender/B

Personal Loan Calculator


Dazzle Dazzle (WORM WOOD)


Orbital Defender/X

Electronic Backgammon




Torpedo Alley

Razzle Dazzle (HORIZON)

TI Tech Note (Screen Editor)

Switch and Spell

Razzle Dazzle (MUSIKEY)

It Figures!



Boolean Brain

Tax Deductions Filer

Market Madness

Stadium Jumping




LOGO Spreadsheet

Missionary Impossible

LOGO Sailing

Achilles and the Turtle (Race 1)

Achilles and the Turtle (Race 2)

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OOOHhh... I remember them. They were pretty much a scam and I scammed them back... Oh, what a great story I have...


Basically you paid for membership - it wasn't much - maybe $15 a year. Out of Florida somewhere. However, if you submitted programs that they then sold, they offered you credit in their store...


So, I submitted a bunch of stuff... And I had like $150 or $200 in credits. I ordered a bunch of stuff that I never received...


One day I got the brilliant idea to offer them something that didn't exist. It was complete bullshit, but the smoke and mirrors were amazing...


I told them about an engine I had created that allowed you to develop graphical adventures for the TI quickly and easily (like Return to Pirate's Island) and wrote up an amazing story line and drew some screenshots with TI Artist. I sent that to them - asking if they were interested. The president of the company (probably the only guy there) immediately called me up and we talked for a few hours about my system and all that stuff.


We got into details about a payment schedule and stuff - and it came into conversation about my order... He said - oh yeah - we were waiting on one thing to come in stock and then it got buried or something. But he'd check. Needless to say I got my stuff... And they never heard from me again!

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I have a couple of those International 99/4A group tapes, and I think I have all the 99'er tapes, even some really old ones from the first couple issues. I actually keep losing and re-finding a giant box of tapes I bought from Ernie Pergrem a few years back -- every time I rediscover it in my closet of unsorted TI stuff, I think "that's it, this time I'm gonna methodically go through all these tapes and see what's on them!" Then it gets covered up in broken RF modulators and Tex*Net brochures, until I'm looking for something else months later, and the cycle continues.

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That's a great story Howie!!!! Haha.... You made some enemies back in the day!!! HCM, Asgard.... Good job buddy. :)


Naw, not HCM - although they screwed us all over in the end. The International 99/4A Users group... And I only outsmarted them to get what I deserved. Re Asgard - I just never got a dime. Can't prove anything, but pretty hard to imagine they didn't sell a single copy.



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