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xbl sales this week


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Of the week-long "Black Friday" deals -- featured daily, beginning tomorrow, November 23, through Monday, November 29 -- 'Splosion Man for two dang bucks is the clear standout (though it's unclear which day to expect the sale). Other "samples" from the week of promotions include savings on additional XBLA games, like Portal and The Secret of Monkey Island; Xbox Originals Halo and GTA: San Andreas; and a few Zune movies. (Check out the full list of currently-announced offers after the break.) Throughout the Thanksgiving week, Microsoft will announce each day's deal on Xbox.com.




can't beat halo, san andreas or monkey island for 400 points ($5).

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it's not listed on that web site.

but puzzle quest 2 is only 800 points...

i might get it... the first one was great!




i think the trials HD was an expansion pack for 160points,

not the full game.. check before you buy it.


ohh i might get monkey island... but getting the pacmanDX is tempting

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There is also a free Song Pack for Guitar Hero on the dash right now.

I think it only works for the new Masters of Rock GH, but I'm not sure.

Hard to beat FREE, even though I don't have the game yet I snagged it.

I'll get the game when it's < $20.

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I had to grab "Serious Sam HD: The Second Encounter" for 600 points. Then I also had to grab "The First Encounter" with was full price but I had no choice. Yes, I have both of those games for the original Xbox (which they came in a single game on Xbox) and I have both of them for PC (using the Linux clients), and I have "Serious Sam 2" for the Xbox, and I have "Serious Sam: Next Encounter" on Gamecube. You might wonder why I would buy it again on XBLA. Well... it is the Serious Sam I love... with a new game engine. I had to have it. And Serious Sam is worth it.

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Some good deals, for sure. I picked up both Monkey Islands as well as Serious Sam HD, despite already having it on the PC. I think I grabbed another one but I don't recall. Unfortunately, Halo isn't discounted--It's still listed at 1200 points. Not a big deal because I have it on disc, but I was hoping to download it cheap.


Oh, and on a side note.. If you decide to take advantage of the movie deals, make sure you change the settings to "download" and "purchase". I blew threw the [confusing] screens and ended up RENTING 300 instead of BUYING it. :(

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I couldn't pull the trigger on Greed Corp. I grabbed SS2 and Splosion. I also grabbed the free track packs for GH. If you enjoy older PC games............pick up both of the Monkey Island games (they are a steal at that price). In my opinion they are hillarious. Also Telltale games is having a sale right now that is 50% off of everything. I don't know how long it will last though. I picked up a couple seasons with a DVD so I'd have a physical copy.

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