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Why am I compelled to get a beige console?


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Get it man!!!! But make sure you also get some perfume to hide the stink of it!!!!


Just kidding... I had a beautiful beige console that I gave to a friend who's TI's VDP was shot. I'll see if he's interested in sending it to Matthew! He's about 80 years old, and once was an assembly master (if there is such a thing.) That console was sealed when I got it and it was perfect in every way. Worked fast and quick and I had no problems whatsoever with it. I actually ran it as my game console while I did my programming on my modified silver console with a custom number pad. =)




One of those beige 99/4A's up right now is mine -- it ends Sunday and it looks fantastic. /shamelessplug ;)


I can't decide for sure what constitutes my "perfect" system. I've got a Rave 99-modified black-and-silver console right now, and I LOVE the IBM keyboard, but the purist in me feels bad for not having a "stock" system. Ditto the CorComp 9900 and the PEB. My problem right now is, I'm also in the throes of wanting to collect for other platforms, many of which I have barely even begun to explore. I own TWO Mattel Aquariuses, for crying out loud. The idea that I'll ever get caught up enough with my TI projects, AND do some stuff on the Vic 20 (my next favorite old-school machine), AND ever get proficient on a C64, and then make my way down to the Aquarius or the Timex-Sinclair (yes, I own one of those too), is laughable.


If I could get myself to ditch all the other c-grade systems and focus on just a couple killer platforms, I'd probably be fine with having two or three 99/4A setups running simultaneously. It'd be nice to have backups, and the kid could be playing or programming on one while I work on the other. I gotta make a decision as to what I'm doing with my "war room" space, and commit to it, at some point here.


Sigh... decisions.

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I'm getting my pristine beige console back from my friend... I'm going to give him one of my black and silver's... I've got 3 or 4 extras. =) Looking forward to setting it back up as my cartridge system. =) This thread got me interested in my beige console again... He hadn't even set it up since I gave it to him... =) He is taking me to a PC-User Group meeting in a week or so... I don't know much about PC's--- but they may be interested in seeing a CF7 operating! =)

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