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TourneyPlay Portland, OR - Huge Video Game Tournament - Sat 12/18/2010


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TourneyPlay Portland, OR

Huge Video Game Tournament

Saturday Dec 18th, 10:00am





Time: 10am - 10pm

We expect most events to finish before 7pm so that you can use the tickets to that nights Trailblazer game (see below for ticket info)


Venue: Memorial Coliseum (Glass Palace) @ the Rose Garden, Portland OR


Entry Fee:

$30 per Person for 1st Set of Games (see below)

$10 per Person for games beyond initial $30 buy

Refund Policy: Cancellation prior to Dec 1st will have a $10 service fee. Starting on Dec 1st there will be NO refunds.


Spectator Entry Fee: $15 (no friendlies, no controller in hand, this is for true spectators. If you want to play, pay the Entry Fee)


Games/Events: (each line is considered a Set of Games)

Super Smash Bros Brawl 1v1 and 2v2

Halo Reach 4v4

Call of Duty Black Ops 4v4

Super Street Fighter 4 1v1 (possible 3v3 also)

Super Smash Bros Melee 1v1



TBD and based upon entries and sponsors.

Smash Events will pay out to the top 4

Halo and CoD to top 3


Trail Blazer Game Ticket Handouts:

50 tickets will be guaranteed for the first 50 Pre-Reg entries.

The balance of the tickets (about 150) will be raffled off during the event. Pre-Registration (except first 50) will be entered into the raffle 2 times.

Late Registration (Door Reg) will be entered into the raffle 1 time.


Entry Fee Example:

You pay $30 to walk in and play one Set of Games. For example, for $30 you could play in the Brawl 1v1 and 2v2 events.

For each additional Set of Games you add it is $10.

So you walk in to play in the Halo Reach event, its $30. You also want to play in Brawl 1v1 and 2v2, so its +$10 = $40 total entry.


Event Produced by:



Team Violent Apprehension


Sponsorship Provided by:








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