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Atari 5200 Pac-Man in the original factory shrink wrap? $8? Hmm, not reasonable...


eBay Auction -- Item Number: 1518707398381?ff3=2&pub=5574883395&toolid=10001&campid=5336500554&customid=&item=151870739838&mpt=[CACHEBUSTER]icon_lol.gif


...That said, I might pay $8 to learn whatever magic spell is needed to extract a manual and box from inside "factory shrink wrap" while leaving the cartridge inside! It looks like it may involve some sort of ritual involving "magic" tape and holey plastic. icon_rolling.gif

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Just more nonsense on Ebay. Everybody and their grandmother thinks they are experts on selling video games. It's really sad. But there are idiots everywhere.


I've gotten so frustrated with dealing with people in general, whether online or in person. Had an argument with an owner of a video game store. He had a decent amount of boxed Intellivision and Atari (various systems), maybe like 40-50 games. He said he would give me a great deal because there was no interest. Nothing priced (what a wonder). I pulled 3 C64 games and a small stack (5-6) Intellivision games. He pulled the C64 Donkey Kong off the stack, logged on to his computer, said going rate was $25 and would sell me for $20. 20% off. Doesn't sound like a great deal. When I reviewed him on his FB and gave him a 1*, he lied and said he told me it was going for $30 and would sell to me for $15. Still wasn't a great deal anyway. He also posted how he liked having the old stuff on display because it looked cool. Thing was, you couldn't see the games because he had this large counter top rotating display blocking the games. In fact, I had to ask his worker what were the games hidden I couldn't see. He was just a jackass. I think he said I was the first person in a year who asked him about those games.


Today I went to one of those fake 99 cent stores. I say fake, because 90% of the items cost more than 99 cents. Anyway, my wife picked up a rug that you'd put in the hallway to wipe your feet. No price (what a wonder again). Asked the guy stocking the shelves how much it was. He told her 99 cents. Got to the counter. They typed 2.99 in the register. We said the guy told us 99 cents. They didn't believe us. Then they started asking someone else who worked in the store and he said 1.99. I said keep it. She had a plastic tablecloth with Thanksgiving designs. Pulled it off the large pegboard with a giant 99 cents sign on it. Girl typed 1.09 into the register. Said all tablecloths were 1.09. So they got to put back the rug and the tablecloth.


Went to Nathans yesterday. My wife wanted to use a coupon to get a $3.49 cheese steak. Was told she had to buy fries and a drink to use the coupon. Coupon doesn't say that. I didn't look at the combo price for the steak sandwich, but my guess was that paying $3.49 and adding fries and drink may have actually cost more than just buying the combo. Guess who didn't eat Nathans yesterday?


Many times it's not about the price, it's about the principal. Though my being unemployed for several months now, the price really does matter. So don't judge me yet. :)


EDIT: after reading about the whole principal thing brought back a memory of like 20+ years ago. It was when the Wiz was still in business. I remember them having a sale that said $1 off per cd. So my friend was going to get a 2 cd set. Girl told him it was $1 off, he argued for $2 since it was 2 cds and was pretty much twice the price. She said $1 off per package. That's not what the sign said. Think she wouldn't budge so he didn't buy it.



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yes, you are so right. so welcome to the reality, the world of cheaters & cheating :)

(And the world of "easy believers")


In oppsite to your experience, I have a software-producte here, that runs for something like this at the moment, but not for money....

In contrast, the seller tells me every day that this program is for free now....and much better than the existing one...

It is a program, that I updated arround every 4 or 5 years, and have paid 100 or 150 euros for each time. No prob as I wanted it.

And now, they want to tell me it is for free ? hmmm, why ? where is the catch ?

What from do they want to live, and produce better products ? Why the hell is it a gift ?

This is very suspicious. very. So I decided NOT to get Windows10 for free :) :)

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Hah, I keep turning it down. It comes up all the time on my computer. It probably controls our computers. I don't want their free product either. I would not doubt it sends every single thing you do to them. Big Brother is watching.


I never pay for any Windows directly. It always is installed on the newest computer I get and I never upgrade it from that version.

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This seller is an absolute moron!! Can't tell the difference between a Heavy Sixer and Light Sixer, early Light Sixers were manufactured in Sunnyvale, and stating Flashback 2 controllers are original stock??



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