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With listings like that I often get tempted to post everything I have for $7000 and let users submit offers. I would take an offer of $2000. Everyone would be a winner. I get $2000 to rebuy what I have and have plenty left over for my IRA contribution. The buyer would feel like they got a $5000 discount. 


Seriously, the world is crazy!

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6 hours ago, cybercylon said:

All yours for 1 million dollars. How many Ataco boxes can one buy instead (wait a sec... none).


(Does anyone really buy these things?).



Damn!   Perhaps we should all start bombarding him with $10 offers?



Then in the comments, we write, well it's only worth $5...But it is sealed!

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6 hours ago, bluejay said:

“one of a kind”. Do I see two of them in that photo or am I going crazy? Also: I wonder what kind of person would buy a 35 year old printer for what it retailed for when it was brand new. 

They even say in the description that they own 2 of them. haha

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On 6/17/2021 at 12:09 AM, Swami said:

People must REALLY want to use a PSX controller on their SNES!



Price was 42.90 

Item Purchase History
Pad adapter playstation psx ps2 to snes/super nintendo-joypad converter
Buy it now price
EUR 949.90
(approx. US $1,126.20)
EUR 4.99 (Approx. US $5.92) - Economy Shipping - La Poste - Lettre Prioritaire Internationale
4 available
Item number

Recent purchases

User ID    Buy it now price    Quantity    Date of purchase
EUR 42.90    
1    2 May 2021 at 9:12:28PM PDT
EUR 42.90    
1    10 Mar 2021 at 6:10:06AM PST
EUR 42.90    
1    17 Feb 2021 at 7:15:55PM PST
EUR 42.90    
1    2 Feb 2021 at 1:14:28AM PST


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12 hours ago, jgkspsx said:

This cracks me up. “exposed to the elements”. In the premodern definition of elements, that is, as in earth, air, water, heart, AND FIRE.




I feel sorry for whoever had the house fire, but SHEESH.

Comes with a gift!  

Someone who has a GG should take a chance on this and let us know what you got. ;)  


Sega game gear games lot. Condition is I had these as a kid and put them in storage. Some how they got moved and the box got damaged. They were exposed to the weather. Summer winter rain snow etc. I have no way of testing these games. You mite be able to get them to work but be warned I can't promise they will work.

Free shipping +

Edit: I'm including a lot of gifts! I'm including a gift with this sell.

We are a pet free, smoke free, covid free house

If any problems come up please email me before leaving negative feed back. Thanks


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