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11 hours ago, 0078265317 said:

Is SVAII really that rare or is 224.99 too much.  It was cheaper before covid but after prices on all vintage games, consoles, and accessories seems to go up considerably.



Way overpriced. If you're looking for one they're not that rare. Can easily pick up much much cheaper.

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9 hours ago, 0078265317 said:

Found a bounty bob strikes back for Atari 5200.  I know it rare but 3500, yikes!!



The price doesn't seem crazy for this. 25 watchers

The Tv is not for sale. LOL



Up for auction is a Vintage 1984/85 Very Rare ATARI 5200 Game Bounty Bob Strikes Back and Miner 2049er in good used Condition was Tested Works (NTSC) has some light ware from use. The box is in poor shape has some tape on it and ware from storage. From my Collection, I did not want to sell my Holy Grail Game but I need to pay the Federal & State Government. What you see is what you will be receiving. Selling As Is. Sorry the TV is Not For Sale.

I ship with tracking number. If you like what I sell Check my eBay store. Free shipping is for the continental U.S. Only. Outside the continental U.S. I shipping with Global shipping program on eBay. (See details) Please leave feedback and I’ll do the same. Thank you for looking.


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19 hours ago, 0078265317 said:



No bids yet.  Probably starting too high.  Or is that reasonable since most probably threw the box by now.




Actually there is one for 400 but the rest are all 2000-3000.  So maybe rarest with the box.

Too high a starting bid, especially with the box roughed up like that.

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49 minutes ago, 0078265317 said:



4 grand.  I don't care if its new.  Too much.


And then you open your $4,000++ box and reach inside... ?


... and then it takes you a week or two to get the greasy, dissolving plastic of the handle off your hands :grin:







For later visitors:







"See pictures" really means: (I had this more than once)



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That shipping has to be some scam.  He's only down in Knoxville which is hours from here as I'm one state away.  The shipping says 335.14 for me.  This being mailed in a gold plated box in person with a personally hired direct to door delivery service?  That's nuts.  I mean a half day and a 100 in gas I could get that, what's this clown trying to pull?

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