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Trials HD bringin in much dinero


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I was looking at my global ranking in Trials HD. Mine is 157,073. if I include all the DLC I jump to 47,968.


I looked at the bottom of the leaderboard and it says there are 1,304,899 scores on the list. Assuming all of those are unique sales of the game that's revenue of $19,573,485 at $15. Of course that's assuming every score is a new copy which I'm gonna guess isn't likely although I'd guess 90% are unique since a person would have to have more than one XBL Gold account on a console to play the game. They also have had sales on the game so that would drop the amount of money made as well.


With all the DLC as well I'd guess RedLynx has still grossed at least $15 million off this XBLA title. I never would have guessed any XBLA title could have done that. No wonder Namco is doing what they're doing with Pac-Man. :lol:

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I hope it made that much money though I don't see how that is possible at all. I hope it made money like that because it is a great game I think great games should be highlighted. I also like it when someone makes a great game and people respond so that maybe they will continue to make great games. Atleast untill they get to the point where people buy based on the name, like GTA for example. Just saying.


I feel certain xbox made more money off Trials then the team that made it did. That is the Microsoft business model. Make money on other people's work.

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