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Sega Genesis and Master System inserts

Chris Leach

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I have decided I am ok with reproduced inserts for my sega collection. I have found I would like to print inserts for my sega games personal collection. I am looking for Syd of Valis..I have game with book, but no box.


Can anyone point me in the dirrection of a nice place for sans..high quality..so I can fill my box with nice pics?



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Well it seems that is rather hard. Personally I'd love to change out the box art on all my SMS games for the Japanese versions which are generally always a lot higher quality work.


That said I did manage to find one site with what I think would qualify as print-worthy scans. Unfortunately there are only 15 scans for the SMS posted there... still that's 15 scans...



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mOst Genesis (and SMS) games are actually in the hard plastic clam shell type boxes. You would just need a decent high quality image and you could scrap a sonic box for whatever game you needed a replacement for.


However, I don know some games were in cardboard boxes (bastards) I'll have to dig some of my games out and see what the demensions are, off the top of my head, the only game I can think of in a box was Gargoyles, and I actually know where that is, i'll look it up later.

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