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HSC Season 3 Week 19: Capcom Doubleheader


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Capcom Doubleheader



Control a WWII-style plane over 32 vertically scrolling sea and landscapes. Shoot various types of enemy planes. Collect a variety of weapon power-ups.


Game Information

Game Name: 1942 (set 1)

Released By: Capcom, 1984

MAME ROMset: 1942

Dip Switches: Lives: 2; Difficulty: Normal; Bonus Lives: 20K, 80K and every 80K

Chosen By: HatefulGravey

ROM Location: http://romhustler.net/download/mame/13

AtariAge Arcade/MAME HSC World Record: 337,760 Max_Mad


Competition ends Sunday, December 19 @ 12PM EST



1. 237,640 patbb

2. 154,810 rmaerz

3. 137,720 roadrunner

4. 48,150 LarcenTyler









Alien Vs. Predator

A horizontal Platformer where the object is to hack, slash and basically blow away the opposing alien forces.


Game Information

Game Name: Alien vs. Predator [Euro 940520]

Released By: Capcom, 1994


Dip Switches: Difficulty: Level 4; Extend: 100000 Only; Players: Start: 1, Continue: 2

Chosen By: roadrunner

ROM Location: http://www.romnation.net/srv/download/rom/55401/mame103/Alien-vs-Predator-Euro-940520.html

Twin Galaxies MAME World Record: 4,013,600


Note: There is a banned tactic, where you let the clock run down to 0 while fighting a Boss [or enemies] and holding them at the same time the clock expires. This skyrockets your points to nearly 9,999,999. Use of this, intentional or otherwise, will result in your score being disqualified.


Competition ends Sunday, December 19 @ 12PM EST



1. 665,000 patbb

2. 338,300 roadrunner

3. 290,800 rmaerz

4. 101,300 LarcenTyler









Season Standings

Calculations through week 18

1. patbb 883

2. rmaerz 774

3. roadrunner 621

4. FlyingTurtle 285

5. LarcenTyler 256

6. Zoyx 177

7. Dr Galaga 147

8. ClassicGMR 128

9. HatefulGravey 38

10. homerwannabee 20

11. 4Ks 18

12. Mister VCS 6

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Voting ends this Wednesday for the final spot in the Holiday Season Craptacular


We currently have a tie between Sundance and Guided Missile with 2 votes each. The tiebreaker would go to the season 2 champ's pick (roadrunner) which would be Guided Missile.


Any games receiving a vote will be played: the highest number of votes in the Holiday Season Craptacular and the others in the Flag Day Craptacular.



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Got to round 4.


In round 2, after the elevator shaft, directly go to the top right corner and hit the baril. You will find a first aid kit and regain all your healt.

Round 3 is easy, you stand on top of a truck and shoot the aliens while the truck is moving ... an easy 200k points.


I also used the food at the right moment. For example in the 1st round there's a pizza, wait until you have killed all the ennemies before eating it. This way you should start round 2 with almost or all of you healt.


hope this help.


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