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Intellivision Ebay Roundup

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1 hour ago, vtadave said:

Definitely no deals to be had in that bunch.  Almost double priced for all games.

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Question for you guys.. I see eBay dumped Pay Pal.  What are you guys using to collect money that you feel secure with?  I liked how easy it was with Pay Pal.  


I don't really know much outside of that service. 


Any advice on what else is good to use for payment/collection service?

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12 minutes ago, stupus said:

What do you mean dumped it? I can still pay with it? You cant use it now to accept payment as a seller on new listings or what?

Yes, they changed the service.  Paypal is not primary link.  You can still use it, but now eBay wants to link direct to your bank account to "make it easier".  


I know PayPal did the same, but they were a primary paying service and solely focused on that service.  I'm not ? sure I want to do that with eBay 



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2 hours ago, stupus said:

Ah, i see. Once again ebay and paypal doing everything they can to make things worse :(

I just don't like the idea that yet other online service having my bank info.  CC is one thing, but not my actual account. 


I think I'll open a separate account and use that. 

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