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BAD-ASS custom Dust Covers


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Here are some pics of the Dust Covers I recently recieved from Slor:




My 130 XE







One of my 1200XL machines







My favorite of all...

AMIGA 500+ 030/882 50mhz, 42megs RAM with GVP side car SCSI controller

The REAL "sixteen/thirtytwo" ATARI!





These are made of thick vinyl (your choice of colors) with high qhality machine-sewed seams, and well finished (hemmed) edges. Your choice of graphics (within reason) can be embroidered on them.


I fully Endorse and reccomend this product. And hereby award it the MetalGuy certification of bad-assedness.


These are made by Slor's wife.. To order, PM Slor, or email: james@slor.net

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bad omen


they put dead people in bags like these


Bags? I dont see any Bags.. I used to keep my equipment in Plastic Bags, on shelves to keep the dust & UVs off of them. These are covers.. They cover the top (and sides, with finished reliefs for all cables/connectors) of the equipment only.


And since I work for a car dealer, I can tell you that these are made on the par or actually much better than any cover you can buy for an expensive sports car. They totally Blow Away the common brown, printed vinyl covers that were commercially made & sold (you still see those on Ebay from time to time)..


These are made of thicker vinyl, and the fit/finish is fantastic. They are worth several times what is being charged for them. You will not be disapointed.. You have my word on that..

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I AM SERIOUS about it.. These thing ROCK..


As far as leather goes, I dont know if that's something she is set up to do. I do know that to work with leather, you need an extremely "industrial class" sewing machine.. And also, leather is not cheap.. Especially fine grade leather that would look similar in appearance to this.

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Wow! Where are these available/advertised, and how much? Where do they come from?


I love that 130XE one! I bought one of the ones that BEST lists, brown vinyl (for 800XL but I use it on both that and 130XE) that boats of GOLD Atari logo. It's not the best fit on either, but keeps it covered.




The pic has the white logo. But the one I got does have gold logo. But man, they are **REALLY** thin, really cheap stuff. If you fart too close to the machine, it'll blow off. Of course, I was glad to get it to keep my machine from yellowing, as well as the dust.


But I'd rather have one like yours! Do you think he can make one for an ST? I wonder if the Amiga 500 size would fit a 1040ST? Is the 800XL different enough to warrant a separate cover, or is that 130XE one close enough?

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Just out of curiosity, would these be the same folks as:


eBay Seller: nannyssewingtreatsbarb1?ff3=10&pub=5574883395&toolid=10001&campid=5336500554&customid=&mpt=[CACHEBUSTER]


Nope.. The vinyl on those looks closer to the original brown dust covers. And that's not even close to the actual ATARI logo either. If those are pctures installed on actual ATARI consoles, then those covers appear to "loosely envelop" the eqipment.


These don't crease when you fold them. The vinyl is thicker.. And the ATARI logo is correctly rendered/proportioned.. And these fit the equipment snug, like glove..

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I have a couple of these myself (from Mrs. Slor). I can't say enough how pleased I am with them. The 130XE one I have is a little different from Ken's, and I also have an 800XL one (but that's at the office, and I'm not going anywhere near that place for a couple of weeks).




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Hey everyone. Based on the response from this thread, I'm in the midst of putting an official price list online for "Mrs. Slor". Once we finish that up tonight, I will post the link here and reply to each of you that has already contacted me. In general, she can do either fabric or vinyl in a variety of colors. Personally, I like the vinyl a lot better than the fabric due to its thickness and general durability, and the white on black color scheme seems to be a favorite for the folks that have them already.


Answers to a couple questions:


Q. Can you make them in leather?

A. There's a possibility, but I doubt it at this point due to the relative toughness of working with leather compared to the other materials. That's something we'd jut have to get a scrap of leather and try out to know for sure.


Q. Can you make other covers besides the ones already mentioned?

A. Absolutely. The general rule is my wife can make a cover for anything I already own or someone is willing to send me to use as a model. She won't send anything out that she can't be sure will fit when it's done. The good news on that is I have a wide variety of Atari 8-bit, ST/TT, Commodore, Apple, and other machines. You'll be able to see what I have when I put up the price list, and you can ask about anything you don't see there.


Q. Can you ship outside the United States?

A. Indeed. She just charges actual postage to wherever it's going.





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Darklord, You should put one on your falcon that says "I own stock in Krylon"


Why, is there another faded Amiga out there that needs a touch up? :)


PS and just for the record - my Falcon has *zero* Krylon on it. Perhaps

you were referring to the NEC 3D monitor? Thanks.


PSS I actually thought your initial post was humorous, FWIW. :)

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Ive never know anyone who painted an AMIGA.. We bleach our stuff back to the factory color using costic chemicals instead.. (Well, to be honest, I don't but the whole Retrobrite thing came from the Amiga forums originally)


I was talking about the keyboard, not the monitor..


I think your A1200 should say "Wish I had a CyberStorm".. cuz theres no way in hell it wishes it was a Falcon.. Youd have to divide it's system bus in half for that..

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Measurements have been taken for all the systems I happen to own at the moment, and my wife has provided me with a list of prices for them. You can find the info here: http://www.slor.net/a8/covers.html

If you happen to be interested in something for a machine you don't see listed there, just drop me a line and we'll see if I can get ahold of one.




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