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It actually says it's recommended to offer the person your getting the item from an item in return, and if they arnt interested, you can post it here.

"-Although it's not required, it's recommended that you offer something in turn of equal or near-equal value. If the offerer isn't interested, post it here where other people can check it out!"

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One ugly, horribly plasti-dipped SNES.....BUT IT WORKS!






This console was HEAVILY yellowed it was almost a brown color. It is plasti dipped because I wanted to see how it applied because I wanted to do some worn out and scratched plastic pieces in my car. I never used this stuff before so I tested it on the ugliest SNES I've ever laid my eyes on. I kinda went crazy with the stuff and oversprayed. It'll probably peel off pretty easily. I just don't feel like doing it really. I'm lazy. Ha.


Note that the console is heavily cracked and the case itself has some broken off missing pieces. Also note that where the plug goes into the back of the unit, the post is missing, but the plug goes in easily and powers up just fine. Also the eject button doesn't come all the way up but it still ejects the game just fine.


This is an AS IS giveaway.



Buyer pays exact shipping. I'm not really familiar with USPS rates. I thought about putting it in a flat rate box which is about $14. If I find a cheaper way I will refund the difference upon shipment if you pay more than exact shipping cost.


The only 3 things I promise about this giveaway is that 1, it works. 2, it's ugly and 3, I promise to refund any overpayment of shipping costs!






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