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Spreading the Love with Free Games and More... Edicion Cinco


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These are my kinds of threads :)


For offer:




Blue Lightning - cartridge only (Flat)

Batman Returns - Cartridge only (for now, I'm pretty sure I have the manual somewhere)


Willing to ship in US, outside you pay shipping.


EDIT: And spoken for.

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I only take stuff I actually want, except that Guile, that was for Bobby. I don't follow closely enough to get the 'good stuff', I wonder how closely some of you monitor this stuff, lol.


I'm fixing to list some stuff up myself, once I can secure a guarnteed 'ship by' period.

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It seems that quite often its the same people snagging up quite a bit of stuff . Maybe this thread should not be allowed to be followed :grin:

Of course there is no rule against this, it is definitely the case. Would be nice to see those who keep claiming items to put some up for grabs as well. I believe that's how the thread started(claim something, offer something)

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  • 3 weeks later...

What's with you guys? Normally something is posted it's gone by the end of the day :grin:


Just pay shipping


  • TI 99/4A documents - Includes User's Reference Guide, Beginners BASIC, and Quick Start Guide. Everything in very good to excellent condition, should have all pages.
  • Bottles from a Nintendo 2006 promotion with Yoplait yogurt. Bottles in very good condition. Yes they are clean.
  • Wii Sports paper case (no manual or game)
  • Broken Sega CD. Don't have the means to test it. A bit scratched up/dusty, the CD tray is loose, and there is a rattling noise inside.


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macintosh performa 430 (LCII)


I paid a buck 25 for it in a thrift store a few years ago, its one of the least favorable 68K macintoshes BUT!!!! its one of the few models that will work with an apple IIe card, so if you want an apple II compatible and a 3rd gen 16 bit mac compatible in one slimline box its right up your alley (Apple IIe card not included)


check out its base specs here http://www.everymac.com/systems/apple/mac_performa/specs/mac_performa_430.html


has 12 megs of ram physically , but due to the system hardware limitations its maxed out at 10 megs, it has a 120 meg scsi hard disk, OS7 something, 256K video ram (so mac monitor 512*384*256 color, or VGA 640*480* 16 color) and a super disk drive that handles old 800k mac disks and 1.44 meg floppies




needs new caps, nothing has leaked yet that I can tell but it wistles and whines on its audio output meaning they need replaced, I have no interest in doing it unless someone is willing to fork out some money for a recap job, otherwise its working fine although a bit annoying


VGA output, old mac's expect a mac monitor, I have made a homebrew mac to VGA adapter, but old macs dont quite put out standard VGA signals, I have gotten it to work at 640x480x16 color on old CRT (pre 2000) monitors) and my year 2000 Mitsubushi (NEC multisync ) 20 inch LCD works fine with it, BUT I have tried a half dozen more modern 15-18 inch dell, sony, IBM and samsung LCD's and at the worst end they refuse to sync with it, leaving a black screen, the IBM worked fine but plopped an annoying "unknown resolution" message dead center of the screen.


You will need an old monitor to work with it... though to be honest I am looking at my HDTV's with VGA input ill try it on request


cost is free + postage for the machine + keyboard + mouse all in slightly tan, condition needing new caps, if interested in getting it with a recap job, we can deal for the price of labor + parts (parts are a fixed cost I can flex on labor)


please PM if interested

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Thanks and enjoy!


Free 2-Day Pass to White Rose Gameroom Show October 10th and 11th in York, PA. This was my prize in the March of Dimes charity auction and I cannot attend. Please only claim if you can actually go as I will need to forward your information to the organizers so you can be put on the list.

First to post here and PM me gets it!

**Please only claim if you can go to the show**

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