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Two free codes from Loot Crate. I'm going to post them openly so first to use them gets em. If you use them please reply so others don't waste their time.


1- CurseVoice offers a free skin and unlock, visit cursevoice.com



2- Halo digital comics digital.darkhorse.com/halo


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Probably going to be a long shot, but anyone in the Las Vegas area interested in a small RGB monitor that needs some work?


It's a Sony Trinitron PVM-1271Q. It's got a 12" screen, build date May 1986.


I bought it a year ago off Craigslist when I started getting into RGB. I tested the composite inputs when I got it and it seemed fine. It mostly sat around as I was using the other monitor I got. I just tried it again today, and now I can't get any picture to show up on either composite input. In addition, when connected to RGB it does give a picture, but it has a green hue to it. Turning the knobs on the front doesn't seem to adjust it.



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Just pay shipping:



  • 7 Nintendo bottles - These were from a 2006 promotion with Gogurt drinkable yogurt. These bottles have Mario imprinted on them, along with a Nintendo-themed puzzle on them. Yes the insides are clean.
  • Pelican EURO-SCART DreamCast cable - Bought this is new, but didn't work with my RGB breakout cable. Gave a distorted purple picture. Most likely a bad cable, could use the connectors for a project or something
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