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Spreading the Love with Free Games and More... Edicion Cinco


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  • 2 weeks later...

I received a few free atari 2600 games and I had most of what he gave me, so I'm going to do the same by keeping the good vibes moving on down the road to someone else.

I'm willing to pay for half of the shipping cost(s) up to a $10 my part cap. So if I did the measurements right, I think all twelve should be able to get shipped for around $6 (each person's share) if someone wants them all.

If anyone is in the Macomb, IL area free pickup is cool too.

All games are functional and in decent shape. Ms. Pac-Man has the roughest label, but the picture should show it. 2ldfue1.jpg



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I got these UMDs with a PSP I bought at a yard sale for a friend last summer. I genuinely don't remember if I tested them, so assume as-is. $3 shipping tosses them into a padded envelope & headed your way!


Games: Rainbow Six Vegas, Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter, Grand Turismo

Movies: National Treasure 2, Chain Reaction, Hackers


IMG 0004

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All free just pay shipping


1. PS2 game lot - discs and cases only, no manuals: Guitar Hero 2, Yu-Gi-Oh Duelists of the Roses, ATV 2, ATV 3 - all untested, may have surface marks on the discs - 2 lbs to ship post-30739-0-53154300-1490057896_thumb.jpg


2. PS2 game lot discs only: Euro 2004, Mafia, Winter 2002 Jampack demos, PK Out of the Shadows, Madagascar, Zapper - all untested, may have surface marks - 5 oz to ship post-30739-0-07698500-1490058081_thumb.jpg


3. PS1 game lot - Dave mIrra Freestyle BMX, Tekken 3 (very scratched), Harry Potter Chamber of Secrets, The Great Beanstalk, Nascar 98, Pac-Man World, Rugrats - all untested, may have surface marks - 8 oz to ship - post-30739-0-24282000-1490058192_thumb.jpg


4. PS2 sports games - discs and cases only no manuals - Smack Down vs Raw 2007, Tiger Woods 07, Madden 2006, GameDay 2004, MLB The Show 07, Hot Shots Golf Fore!, Madden 2005, Nascar 09, MLB The Show 08 - all untested, may have surface marks - just let me know what you want, single games are okay this does not have to go as a lot - if you want the lot without the cases I can put the discs into sleeves too that would be pretty cheap to ship - post-30739-0-64029300-1490058499_thumb.jpg


5. Skyrim Xbox 360 - disc only - untested, disc has a few surface marks - post-30739-0-16210500-1490058582_thumb.jpg


6. Skylander Giants Tree Rex - 9 oz to ship - post-30739-0-47402200-1490466872_thumb.jpgpost-30739-0-00819800-1490466889_thumb.jpg


7. PS2 Multi Tap - untested - 14 oz to ship - post-30739-0-25278900-1490059336_thumb.jpg


8. Three different Skylanders portals - 1. 3DS Portal (no cable) - untested - 9 oz to ship; 2. Wii portal (missing the USB connector and the battery compartment) - untested - 12 oz to ship; 3. USB portal (tested and works) - 11 oz to ship - post-30739-0-86458000-1490059373_thumb.jpg


9. A few more PS2 sports games - these all have the manuals and the discs are in good condition, a few minor surface marks here and there but they are nice - Backyard Wrestling (the wrestling DVD is not included but the game is there), Madden 06, MVP 2003, MVP 2004, MVP 2005 post-30739-0-44839800-1490466942_thumb.jpg


PM me if interested! Free just pay shipping. Sharing the love!!!

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