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Spreading the Love with Free Games and More... Edicion Cinco


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EDIT: Box O' Junk and PS2 are pending. Mac is still available!


A few more things!


Box O' Junk! Must take all, should be between $5 and $10 shipped. Includes:


Wii stand

Wii Fit complete, but disc doesn't work. Official 'Wii' case though!

Jillian Michaels Fitness Ultimatum 2009, disc only. Works!

Worm War I for 2600, works rarely. The traces look scratched to me, but I'm not really knowledgeable on these things.

Frantic Freddy for Colecovision. Can't get it to work. The board had some rust on it, but removing it didn't help- perhaps it's under the chips too?

3DS charging dock. Works, but occasionally doesn't connect- just make sure the light turns on & you're good.

Musou composite -> HDMI converter. The picture started 'skipping', for lack of a better explanation. No idea what's up with it.

Official N64 controller. Works fine, but the casing is warped/cracked & the stick's pretty loose.


IMG 0009


Currently Local Pickup ONLY due to size & weight: Apple Power Mac G4 tower. A friend was donating this to a thrift that typically just e-cycles old computers, so I asked to give it a shot here first. She says it works great, but I have no cables or accessories to verify that. Took pictures of all the labels in hopes you can glean some spec information from it. I'm in the Auburn/Federal Way area of Washington State.


Assuming I can get a box for it, the internet suggests this would be $50-$100 to mail. If there's no local takers, I'm not against doing that, so feel free to state an interest!


IMG 0007

IMG 0001

IMG 0008

IMG 0003

IMG 0004

IMG 0006


Just a reminder that the Kenshin PS2 is still available, and I am willing to do local pickup for everything- so if you can get to me you can just take it all!

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Just pay shipping!
N64 memory card - Still available
Wii controller accessory (BOSS item) - Still available
ASUS external CD drive - GONE
Roxio Game Capture - PENDING!
Animal Crossing amiibo festival with three cards - PENDING!


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Update: Whole lot was claimed. Thanks!
Just joined to offer up free ColecoVision console hardware, games and manuals. I'm hoping these could go to a good home rather than a landfill.
ColecoVision Console with two original joysticks and AC power pack.
Expansion Module #1
Expansion Module #2
Games: Smurf, Turbo, Donkey Kong, Pepper II
Assorted papers, manuals.
Original styrofoam for expansion modules but not for the main console.
Last time I hooked it up a few years ago it gave a blue screen, so it may not be working at all.
Claimer pays shipping, USA and paypal only please. Shipping can be whatever reasonable method you want.
Apologies if I did anything wrong, gentle etiquette suggestions welcome. And according to notes, my personal best was 70,000 on "Donky Kong"; I'm sure many here could do (have done) much better. :) My Pepper II score seems decent, though.


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I don't think this thread should be able to be followed . It is always the same few people that jump right on stuff .


It's been discussed before and you were a part of that conversation.


This isn't any official AtariAge contest or give-away. This is one person connecting with another to take things off each others' hands we don't need/want/use. There IS nothing to moderate or limit. I, personally, set limits to claims in my posts like the codes I gave away a few months ago but that is totally up to the person who owns the object in question and it's that person who decides whom to give it to. I've gotten a few things and I have missed a TON of stuff I would love to have used. It happens but - hey look! - I'm still alive.


To be blunt - your posts in this thread are all sour grapes because you didn't get something offered for free on a high-traffic, dedicated website full of people looking for the same stuff you are.

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It's been discussed before and you were a part of that conversation.



because you didn't get something offered for free on a high-traffic, dedicated website full of people looking for the same stuff you are.

Based on what evidence ? I pass on free stuff if I don't need it . If I want something I just buy it " to be blunt " .

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