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Spreading the Love with Free Games and More... Edicion Cinco


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I don't see anything wrong with following this thread. It helps me know when something I'd be interested in is offered free. I don't see the same people grabbing stuff quickly. Once in a while, that person is me and I'm definitely not always the same people jumping on stuff because I rarely spring for the stuff here.


Besides, if we couldn't "follow" the thread, then the ones who want to follow it would just do so manually (I sure would). So what good would that do? I would just keep the tab open and refresh it each time I sat down & checked my emails. That would actually get me here a little faster, in fact.


Also -- I haven't sold anything I got here, but if I did I would not think that's rude, although I get where people are coming from to say that.


The reason i don't think it's rude -- personally if I give something away I don't give a crap if they use it or sell it. I figure if they use it, it made someone happy, great! If they sold it, then it potentially made 2 people happy, great ! I gave it away freely, so I would think it's rude of me to try to tell anyone what they should or shouldn't do with it.

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This was given to me by a friend who knew I liked "old gaming stuff". I don't have a need for it, so figured I'd pass it along here if someone wants it. :)


This is a boxed, PC Mission SV-200 joystick for the PC! The connector is 15 pins and considered a "gameport" connection. I think this was released originally in the late 1990s. I don't have a way to test it, but it was working well the last time it was used. I'm not 100% sure if all the papers in it are the originals/all there. Box is a little beat up. More pictures available, if needed.


Anyway, since I don't know if it actually works, I'll eat the cost of the shipping, assuming it's staying within the U.S.


It has been claimed and sent!

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Moving this stuff to the free thread and updating my FS thread.

All items are free, just pay shipping costs. Paypal accepted. Send me your zip code for shipping estimates.


FREE 35 used/populated Atari 2600 PCBs. Combat, Asteroids, Defender and Missile Command. I can cram 35 of these into a flat rate priority box. Shipping cost $7.15.

11 Atari Jaguar new blank PCBs. Here's my screw-ups. I had these newly manufactured but the dill-weed that created the files for me made a couple mistakes.

The edge pins are too thin. They have to be inserted precisely to make connection with the female cartridge edge connector. Two of the pins must be bridged to make a proper connection (see photo's). Also of note is that the edge is not beveled. Otherwise they seem to be correct and I have gotten them to work. Not sure if anyone can tinker with and make use of these or not.



Free Playstation 1. Broken. I found a bad resistor which I tried to repair but it's still not working. Perhaps someone else can repair. cd-rom is missing spindle so needs replaced as well, otherwise complete. No cables. Includes one controller which works but the d-pad plastic bits are broken. Local pickup or pay shipping.

FREE - Broken Atari 2600 driving controller.

3 Atari cables (I believe these may be defective in the 9-pin D-sub)

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RGA Wireless Controllers

Compatible with Atari 2600, etc.

For parts or project.


If you want to make your own wireless controllers, the electronic parts are here. Several of the joysticks have mechanical issues. One of the receivers has a bad channel (as of when I tested a year ago or more)

I was going to transplant the electronics into a custom joystick, but priorities change.


As-is, but full purchase price will be refunded if you're not satisfied.




Recipient pays $0.00 purchase price plus actual shipping cost via PayPal.


Continental US Only


Estimated @ 5 to 6 lbs (4 lbs in a box that's too small for shipping).

Shipping from 85051


PM me. I don't check this thread frequently.

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still available must take all thx


ps1 controller untested

xbox one broadcast stereo it works but with static does work

xbox 360 headset

unknown controller not tested

2 game protectors for snes games not box

2 card deck protectors 1 has 60 never opened and other not sure amount but never opened




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I have a project XEGS, console only. I would prefer someone local pick it up, but I will ship it for cost.


It comes up to a black screen. I have replaced the RAM and CPU (after adding sockets) with no change. I also failed to retrobrite the case, so it's spray painted black.

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  • 3 weeks later...

Found a home.


Free to a good home: Atari SM124 monochrome monitor. A few months ago, I bought a bunch of ST stuff and this was amongst the goodies. I took it apart, vacuumed it out, cleaned the plastics, plugged it in and oooh'd and aaah'd at the monochromy goodness, then bagged it up and stored it away. My basement has too much stuff in it, and I'm never gonna use this, so maybe someone else could. It's very clean and looks almost new -- just a few scratches on top. Works great. I don't really want to ship this, so it's free if you can pickup in Seattle, WA. If you REALLY want to pay for packing materials and shipping and give me a good sob story, maybe I'll change my mind.




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EDIT: Lots of stuff spoken for. Trying to get back to all the Pos tonight.




I have a box full of stuff that I've been saving cuz I hate to just throw it away. Each of these items is up for free -- I'm in Seattle and would prefer if someone local wants to pick up. I could ship some of this stuff, but it's not worth the shipping cost IMHO. Anyway, here is what I have:


  • Mac LC III case. Yellowed in spots, broken tab on back.
  • Amiga 500 RF complete shielding and keyboard membrane. I believe the membrane has a couple of bad traces.
  • Atari Lynx cartridge cleaning kit.
  • Atari 130XE and XEGS manuals.
  • Wico joystick. I think the base button is not working.
  • 2 Apple mice: 1 USB, 1 ADB. Neither work 100%.
  • GFW and GW BASIC manuals.
  • Some weird silver joystick with a DB9 connection. Never tried it.
  • Atari 2600/VCS Boxing and Freeway - blue labels.
  • Commodore 64 case. No badge or light. Just case. I have a couple of original working PSUs too if you want them.
  • Amiga MIDI interface.
  • Atari STe TOS ROMs (French). Don't know which version.
  • Apple 14" RGB monitor -- case is cracked on both top edged. Swivel/tilt stand is broken off. I don't know if it works -- my Macs are not working right now so I can't test, but it was suppose to work when I picked it up.

Pictures follow.






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Ok pretty sure the above are claimed. Anyone want to pay shipping for this ps1 caddy? I took it years ago on a lot I bought. I told the guy I didn't want it and he could keep it, I would take the rest lol. He said I had to take it all or no deal LMAO. So I lugged it in the car and tossed it around the basement and garage a few years.






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