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Free boards just pay shipping. Guessing shipping cost would be about $3 anywhere in the USA for the entire lot.

2600 yellow pcbs work. One may have a bad GAL but all other chips work fine.

Red pcb works but may have bad hex inverter. Eprom is good.

Jag boards - eproms are good. boards had issue with thin contacts and needed a bridged connection. Work but finicky, I'd take em for the eproms.



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Guess the jag boards (the 4.50 ones) should go there. The rest are free and belong here I believe.



I think that's what he was saying. items for sale don't belong here, with or without free stuff.


[edit] nice free stuff btw :)

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Please take this stuff. Would like to get rid of these together:






Any interest in this stuff:




The transformers DVDs have some rot and I don't think the discs work very well anymore. It still comes with a nice metallic case, and that envelope has some trading cards in it.


The Colon Blow box is going in the recycling next week if not gone.



(I am shipping from 75244 and would be willing to split first class shipping 50/50)

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I have a Cybex KVM switch and two cable sets for free. This is used to share one keyboard/mouse/monitor among up to 4 pc's. It's probably best to assume a medium flat rate box to ship...so about $13.




Man, we had so many of those KVMs at my office. There was an era when everyone had those at their workstation and we ended up with a huge pile of them in our storage closet. They were all recycled eventually.



In other news - the software bundle I posted above is still available:





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Updated my tools & cleaned out the cable drawer today- weights are listed, so please figure out your preferred shipping method (coming from zip code 98002 in the US.)

T8 & T10 security torx screwdrivers. Nothing special, the cheap ones you get from Ebay China. 1.2 oz padded envelope.

IMG 0002

Retro-bit multi console AC adapter. Designed for use with Genesis & SNES, I think- I was using it with a Master System. It worked fine, but I was offput by the light weight (it's seriously light!). 4.2 oz padded envelope.


IMG 0003

Composite cables for Wii & PS1/PS2/PS3. MUST TAKE BOTH. I currently don't have the mailers to split the pair up :P 9.5 oz padded envelope.

IMG 0001

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I have a couple of SCSI hard drives. Don't know if they work as I have nothing SCSI. They do power up and spin. Can anyone use these? Flat rate is probably cheapest to ship. If not, they're going to the recyclers.

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Just pay postage


Orange NES zapper, came from goodwill 99 cent outlet, filthy and untested, but for 99 cents why would I not grab it




female RCA to F adapter, so you can plug in a retro system into a coax input without the switchbox




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