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Spreading the Love with Free Games and More... Edicion Cinco


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Offered up for free, just pay exact shipping to you. Will ship to US only since it's quick for me to ship that way.


Loose Intellivision carts. All but 3 of these are the screw-together type for you looking for cart shells. Take all or nothing on these. CLAIMED BY ATARI181



Misc sound and video cards. All of these are not tested recently, as I don't have any computers anymore that could take any of these. They were all pulled from my own machines to upgrade, then stored in the static bags in a dry box on the main level of our house, so in theory should be fine. Clockwise from upper left.. unknown video card, says ASUS on it. Soundblaster PCI 128 with CD, Soundblaster 16 for you retro PC-gaming fans, Soundblaster Live! with discs.




Call of Duty (PC):



D-Link cable modem, with power supply, disc, manual:



3-Com Cable modem with manual, disc. Unfortunately, I lost the power supply:



Linksys 5-port wired (not wireless!) hub:


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Offered: K-Tel Atari 2600 Mini Selector. Dusty, front right game slot is cracked and missing a piece, rest looks ok. Pay for shipping only - let's say $12 (I'm in Canada). That would include insurance but no tracking number.

Games in pic are for display purposes only and not included!




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I have an "X-Files: Game" PC game from 1998 complete in box with manual and a Prima Official Strategy Guide. Discs are in great shape. The box has a few small imperfections. It's for Windows 95 or Macintosh. Just pay $4 for s/h to the continental USA (more to Canada -- exact).



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First Class Mail looks to be about $2.00 for the U.S. Destinations with envelope. Approx. $2.50 to Canada using an envelope. I will wrap the games up nice, but they really don;t weigh much at all......





I'm working midnights tonight.....where is everybody? Very quiet here tonight 0139 hrs EST

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Here are some things that I found cleaning out the attic, from my youth. Maybe someone wants them, I sure don't, and they are heading for the trash.......


* Asciiware Fighter Stick SG-6


*N64 VHS Videotape "Insiders Guide to N64" Nintendo Preview tape of DK64 and Jet Force Gemini from 1999.

*N64 VHS Videotape "The Invasion of Nintendo" from 1995.


*Super Mario 64; Instruction Booklet ; a little crumpled

*DK 64 Instruction Booklet; torn cover

*Banjo-Tooie Strategy Guide; from EGM Magazine (8 page booklet; don't get too excited!!)


*from 1990 a paperback book entitled "How to win at Super Mario Bros. Games" by Jeff Rovin. Guide for SMB 1,2,3 & Super Mario Land!


*Small box of electronics containing S-Video Cables, A/B Video box, 3 input video switch box, and a Radio Shack 4 input video switch box.


The VHS tapes are from Nintendo that they gave away with my subscription to Nintendo Power.

There may be more misc. items to come, depending if anyone wants these.


PM me or EMail me, do not respond in this post, as I may not see the request.

These items are free, just pay shipping!!!

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