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HSC Season 3 Week 21: Astro Invader


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Astro Invader

Using buttons to move left, right and fire, you attempt to ward off invading aliens and their flying saucers. The aliens are dropped off from a saucer and stored in multiple columns until a column is full, then the aliens in that column descend, one by one, and attack. Also, the saucers sometimes descend to attack; if they are not destroyed, one ship is lost.


Game Information

Game Name: Astro Invader

Released By: Stern, 1980

MAME ROMset: AstInvad

Dip Switches: Lives: 3; Bonus:10000

Chosen By: roadrunner

ROM Location: http://romhustler.net/download/mame/285

Twin Galaxies MAME World Record: 170,810



Competition ends Sunday, January 2 @ 12PM EST



1. 9,800 patbb

2. 8,680 LaserHawk

3. 5,630 rmaerz

4. 3,630 roadrunner

5. 1,340 LarcenTyler










Season Standings

Calculations through week 20

1. patbb 938

2. rmaerz 821

3. roadrunner 658

4. FlyingTurtle 285

5. LarcenTyler 276

6. Zoyx 189

7. Dr Galaga 147

8. ClassicGMR 128

9. HatefulGravey 38

10. homerwannabee 20

11. 4Ks 18

12. Mister VCS 6

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Tips: Try to clean as much as possible the two inside columns on each side. This will give you place to avoid explosion by placing yourself in the middle and, for a while at least, have time to move on the right and left end to shoot the saucers.

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