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Pitfall II hack

Chilly Willy

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Given there's already a Pitfall 2 hack in the 5200 sub-forum, I figure this should be okay, but if not, feel free to edit this. This is a hack I made more than 15 years ago to Pitfall 2 for the Atari 8-bit home console. The biggest problem I had with the game was that even the slightest error sent you back to the last cross, which might mean having to go back through half a level to get back where you died... and might just die again! It was especially bad on the last level trying to get the darn rope.


So I hacked Pitfall 2 to add a save/load game state feature. Press OPTION during the game to pull up the menu. You can format a disk, save to the disk, or load from the disk. Pitfall 2 was "fun" to hack since the protections on it were so hard to bypass. In the end, I wound up leaving the rom strictly alone; instead, I reassembled the game code to 10KB below the rom, stripping out the protection code and adding the save state hack. This hack is a DOS binary program and will play on any Atari with 48KB of RAM. You can run it in Atari800 using the -run option.


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