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Frogger Plug and Play


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They had these at Video Games Live once.


The brought two people up from the audience to play the game, while they had the band play the music based on what was going on in the game. They made a remark about "this is how rich people play video games".


From the looks of it, it looked pretty close to the arcade version, but I never played it so I can't say.

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The reason the real Frogger music is so rarely (never?) in ports of the game is that the real music may actually be a violation of copyright. Konami used theme songs from then-recent anime TV series without permission. Well, either that or they had permission for the arcade version but never got it again for anything else. The Japanese Wikipedia page for the game discusses the music (and cites specific anime theme songs) and says Konami of that time often used sounds from television anime of the period in its games, but it doesn't outright say it was done without permission.


Also, this plug-n-play game was definitely built on an NES-on-a-chip.



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