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Is Halo 3 ODST the same as Halo 3 ?!?


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Gameplay is similar. It's the characters and story that set it apart.


For one thing, you aren't as powerful in this game. You aren't a Spartan in ODST, just a Shock Trooper. You can take damage and it's lost unless you find a health pack. You'll even take damage if you fall too far, you aren't a super soldier so the game is more tactical and team play is recommended. You do come across certain items in the game that will kick off flashbacks to other ODST team members and drive the story forward. I really liked ODST. When walking around the city, you'll experience an almost open world game (The city is huge and you can go where you please) as opposed to the usual linear surroundings (seen in the flashbacks) I liked the story in this one and how the bright daylit flashbacks contrasted with the dark ruined city. The graphics are top notch as well.

I'd keep it and snag a used copy of Halo 3. You can find them for < $10

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It's a great game, it uses mostly the same engine as halo 3, but it's not as much of a sequel or an expansion as most games are, it's it's own fully independant game...which could stand alone outside of the halo series quiet nicely.


Like some above people said, you aren't nearly as strong on this game, and you have "night vision" rather than a light (and that carried over to Reach, which IMO is cool, though in some situations, I prefer a light) Health packs are back.


Does anybody know if ODST is four playered or not? Playing 3 4playered was AWESOME (I mean coop)

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