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Does Kinect cause Xbox failures?


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I just think its a coincidence of a failure when adding something on like this. i think its the same deal with the dashboard update that a lot of people are complaining about that's causing systems to fail. i know way to many people with the old style 360 that owns a kinect and its working flawless for them, and the dashboard update is running flawless for them and me as well. i just think its a coincidence being mistaken for the cause of the issue they are seeing.

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I wouldn't think so, on the old Xboxes, the Kinect has it's own power supply, rather than leaching off of the system....however to my understanding, on the 360S, the Kinect leaches power out of the system itself.


Probably just coincidence, S's are nearly a year old now, it'll be a little longer before all the old ones die that will quickly.

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