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Dallas TI User group newsletter archive?


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Have you considered writing a Symptom/Solution Guide?

I'm sure there are lots of people that would fix their own units (or a friends) if they had a reliable starting point.


I have found a guide what to do, when your console locks up (freezes):

See Micropendium, 1989 August, Page 46:



I will continue searching and posting here...


The linked article says "John Guion...wrote...as part of a column on curing console problems. The column appeared in the newsletter of the Dallas TI user group."


Any one know if these newsletters are archived somewhere for download?

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You can find newsletters from this Usergroup here:



As there is no index file, I don't know if the one is actually there.




Thanks for the link. I scanned through all the newsletters but didn't see the console repair article series. However, there is a console repair guide by the same author located at



This has to be "unark'ed" to read.

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