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Tomb Raider Trilogy


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I cant think of a better deal than this


But for me I have Anniversary and Legend on the 360 and finished them both. They were excellent. Is it worth getting just for Underworld? Thinking I can get Underworld for cheap now.


Doesn't really make sense to me. You already have 2/3 of the games. Wouldn't it be cheaper to just get underworld? By the way I just finished underworld on my 360 today. I liked it a lot...

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Tomb Raider Walkthroughs to anyone who owns these games or bought the trilogy like me.


I just wanted to post this helpful link:




This dude is pretty kick ass. He takes his time going through the games which helps a whole lot when you play.

Sometimes though it can be annoying cause your waiting for him to just go. :P


He's got everything from every game down-pat. Croft manor and all the levels and extra stuff.


Its a big help if you get stuck or if you want to get every treasure and the bikini outfits etc.

(He gets EVERYTHING on every level).


I finished Legend at 100% with those vids but I still dont have the bikini's. I think you have to do the speed levels to get those.

After playing through the game and getting all the treasures, the levels are so much easier cause your not really looking for shit.

Just trying to get through it which makes it very fast to complete. I may try a few speed levels cause I want those bikini's damnit!!!


Have fun


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