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80k GRAM Kracker for sale


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Does someone know maker of Pgram? Does it have web page? How to contact maker of this device.


The P-GRAM was created by John Guion & Robert Jones and was marketed by Bud Mills Services (aka Horizon Computing). Bud closed the business a long time ago and hasn't sold the P-GRAM in years. He returned everything P-GRAM related to Robert Jones. The only support that you are likely to find is here or on one of the 99/4A related Yahoo Groups.

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Actually, I'm guessing it probably could be consolidated quite a bit with modern technology, especially all those 74LS chips. I haven't had time to look at redoing it though.


It also probably wouldn't be too much trouble and would save a few pennies to combine the 8k, 32k, & 128k srams into one 512k chip.



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A much more doable Gram device project would be the Pgram. I've owned a few, as well as a Gram Kracker and found them to be more reliable and as useful (if not more so) than the Gram Kracker. Maybe Bud even has a few bare boards left. If not, he's certainly still got the layouts. They use all off-the-shelf parts, no special pals or gals ore anything like that. I'm betting that if there were a run of boards and a bulk parts buy were done, the cost would come in at less than $100. I might even like to have one again. :)




That's more reasonable to me. Plus I love to build stuff! I'm relatively new here, but how does one contact Bud? EDIT: Ok, so my newness shows, didn't click on "Page 2" so I totally didn't see the previous posts regarding Bud...


Does anyone have PCB drawings for this already? Or anything we could start with? I have no problem with original design - as I have nothing now.


I'm in for trying! Anyone else?




"Long Live the TI-99/4a!"

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