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HSC Season 3: President's Day Tournament

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How did you get to a high score screen?



You need to score at least 50k then enter your name.

I hate to see this game get moved to the cannot play list. It does show the final score and it's a great game. :)




I scored 70K+ and I didn't get a high score table?


I got the hs screen and so did patbb. Maybe it's an emulator issue?

I'll have to try it again.



If you get more than 50k do not continue the game and you should be able to enter your initials.

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I have a Hiscore.dat file so I'll fire it up today, kill my self off and see if the screen comes up


This is one of my favorite games of the tournament, btw.


My least favorite: Total Carnage


I don't have the hiscore.dat and it's working.


Score update



Also the enter your nama screen



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