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help with NanoPEB+


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What is a NanoPEB? The name gives me an idea, but I didn't know anyone had a project with that name. Are you talking about the CF7 board?


NanoPEB is the CF7+ with the serial interface. Dunno if this is really better than the CF7+. Ofcourse you have the serial interface, but if I'm not

mistaking this one is a lot more picky concerning power voltage.

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lucifershalo: I just got a CF7 at the TI Faire in Nov and it came with a cartridge that lets you manage files and such. As for using the CF7 with something like XB or the E/A cart, I would assume it works just like a floppy disk (I have not had time to mess with it *at all* though):


To load a program in XB:


OLD DSK1.some-file-name


To load a file in any other program, it would be:




XB does not have file management commands other than OLD, SAVE, OPEN, INPUT, PRINT, and CLOSE. To get a listing of the files you will need to:


1. Write a program in XB to read the disk format and give you a listing (there are such programs out there already).


2. Use the Disk Manager cart.


3. Use the cart that came with the CF7 (if you got a such a cart.)


I'm sure the ROM image for the CF7 cart is available if you can burn an EPROM. Anyone know the status of that?

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