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Left 4 Dead 2......lets play


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That sounds like a awesome ideal. lately there have been mostly retards that are playing (they also don't have a Mic and run past you when you yell for help, or they do have Mics but do not care). i love L4D2 but play it less because the reasons above.


The game requires team work, you cant get that if you do not have a Mic and if you don't play as a team (go lone wolf when your team is all alive, or go screw off when your team needs help). I play games seriously to have fun (you mainly get served in a team based game if you do not).


These kind of games are made to play seriously and to have fun doing it. I am not against to having fun in games, i just take these types of games more seriously then most to have fun.

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Thanks for the game last night Taskmaster99.

Sorry I sucked it up for us at the end. I think I was past my prime at that point because of the late start! LOL :party: :party: :party: :D

Thank you too. Hell.....you didnt suck it up. who would have thought we would get hit with a Charger and Hunter upon entering that scenario

it was mass overkill.....lol. We'll get em again!!!! :thumbsup:

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