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Too Many Games 11 May 6th - 8th Greater Philadelphia Expo Center 3 days!


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Gamers get ready! TooManyGames is returning to bring everyone together

for another festival of gaming awesomeness! In 2011 TooMayGames is

expanding our event from just one day to a three day long extravaganza!

More games, more tournaments, more concerts, more vendors, more party!


Start preparing now for the greatest gaming event to ever rock

Pennsylvania! TooManyGames 2011 is taking place May 6th-8th at the

Greater Philadelphia Expo Center in Oaks, PA. We have 80,000 square

feet we're packing with games and gaming gear!


In our main exhibition hall you can check out all our vendors in the

marketplace and score some sweet games to add to your collections or

some awesome arts and crafts! In our 15,000 square foot tabletop gaming

battleground you can compete in Magic: The Gathering, Pokemon, and

Yu-Gi-Oh tournaments and also participate in RPGs all throughout the

weekend! Stop by our console arena to check out gaming's greatest hits

of yesterday and today and compete against your fellow gamers for prizes

and glory! Stop in the Power Bar to recharge your mana and check out

some of our hot bands performing all weekend long! Throughout the

weekend stop by our panel and movie rooms to check out great movies and

fan-made videos as well as listen to some cool people talk about how

awesome it is to be a gamer!


PC gamers, we've got a 17,000 square foot BYOPC LAN room, powered by The

GXL, where you and hundreds of fellow PC gamers can fight and quest all

day and all night long, non-stop! Stop by The GXL's website at

www.thegxl.com for more info and to sign up for the LAN!


Registration for TooManyGames is now open! Just visit our website at

http://www.toomanygames.com to get more info on what's happening at the

show and to register for a pass or to set up in our marketplace!

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question: would good deal games be bringing any of there atari 5200/7800 home brews?


Michael has confirmed that he will be bringing an assortment of homebrews to sell at TooManyGames. Due to his schedule he's only able to participate in the show on Saturday, but he's also bringing Leonard Herman with him. Not sure if Lenny will have new books or will be there as a booth babe. 8*)

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Yesterday I drove about 45 minutes into Pennsylvania to a Russian supermarket.


Anyway, I saw this store called Game Fixx.. he said one of the TooManyGames guys comes in his store sometimes. He shoulda got a table! He's got a lot of stuff in his tiny store. He says he might expand it out back as he has 2 more rooms and a basement. He can hold tournaments.

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I just got back from PA (went the first two days). I had a great time, though I was somewhat disappointed with the area with the systems hooked up (no vectrex, intellivision broke down, SNES and Genesis on Retron 3, rather than original systems), and 2600 was taken down for the tournament). No arcade games like in Vegas either (though superguns were used for tournaments). Lots of vendors with some import vendors (got Akumajou Special aka Kid Dracula for Famicom and Panel de Pon for SFC), bead art, pixel art, and even a couple places with Atari 8 bit games (one even sold disks for dirt cheap. Got MULE, Cross Country Road Race, Super Boulderdash, and Archon II for a dollar. Someone bought the whole box the next day). AVGN panel was interesting, though the details about signing were confusing. Great show and I picked up lots of got stuff (even found a good mothers day gift for my mom there, Bob from Bubble Bobble bead art).

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I was only there Friday, and perhaps not all the vendors arrived yet but the marketplace was pretty beat. However, when I ventured to the LAN room that's where all the action was - they had a nice crowd in there.


My buying priorities were ColecoVision, then Vectrex and then 2600 (I'm trying to be a more disciplined collector!). I armed myself with mumbai's ColecoVision price list and wasn't going to pay a dollar more than what he was selling them for.


So, the first stop I made was at the usual vendor who has the biggest table in the joint, and selected a half-dozen CV carts that mumbai is selling for $50 and this guy was asking $80 "but I'll sell them for $78."


I wound up buying only one CV cart (Quintaro Roo) from him along with a Vectrex cart (Web Wars). I picked up maybe three more el cheapo CV carts from other vendors (Baseball, Football and Fortune Builder), two 5200 carts in a dollar bin [Football and RealSports Baseball (woo-hoo!!!)], a boxed Odyssey Break/Blockhead for $1 and 2600 Tunnel Runner from AA's own Atarinut.


Yeah, I would have come away with more stuff if I weren't focusing on CV and Vectrex only. There were some boxed Vectrex games there but the ones I didn't have I didn't want to buy (Berzerk comes to mind).


Of the 2600 and 5200 carts that were available, they were mostly commons. Atarinut didn't have a huge spread but it was a quality spread of boxed 2600 games and some PAL.


If you are collecting NES and Genesis, there was plenty available.


If someone was there Saturday, I'd like to know if there were more vendors and more of a selection amongst the classic console games.


As far as the arcade cabinets: Richie Knucklez provided a handful of cabinets for TMG last fall but when I asked him at the Kong Off if he was going to do this show he said that he needed a break.


QuarterArcade.com provided cabinets for Gamecore at the same venue in 2009 and they had a nice spread of about a dozen cabinets.

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I was there Sunday. First East Coast show I ever attended, and it wasn't too bad.

I got there at 10:30, and it was mostly dead (actually, I wasn't even charged at the door since the door-person said "nobody's coming today-- forget it".

But, I can honestly say that it picked up around noon.


In all honesty, I thought that the show had a lot of potential for classic gamers.

I got to pick up some 2600 games I'm missing, and got to meet a few fun people.


Honestly, I was a little shocked that there was less 2600-esque of a showing than I would have anticipated.

For example, there were no heavy hitters like Digital Press or atariage.

Maybe the show is a little smallish, but I could see that if there was a little bit more marketing, that it could become the new PhillyClassic.


Maybe next toomanygames will be even better! Here's to the future. :)



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Well I just returned from all 3 days.. I enjoyed myself for the most part but 3 days was a bit much for me. Saturday was by far the best day! I've picked up some nice items the best being Spiderman web of Fire complete for the 32X after it went though a few different hands it ended up in mine!!! and Galaxian complete for the Colecovision!!


I got to meet rmaerz and his son! sorry for being a bit out of it worked all night Thursday and being up there all day with no sleep was just killing me!!


and also meet up with yuppicide.. we even hung out after the show on Saturday :thumbsup:

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