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A simplified version of the artificial intelligence program "Shrdlu". The TI manipulates a series of colored blocks (shown as letters) following your instructions and telling you - from time to time - how the blocks are arranged in relation to each other. There are four blocks that you are looking at from the front. The world is essentially two-dimensional. You can move blocks around and put them on top of each other, but cannot put them in front or behind others. There are four commands you can give:


WHERE IS THE <color> BLOCK (or ONE or CUBE)?



PUT THE <color> BLOCK ON THE <color> ONE


The original program was from the 1984 book "Exploring Artificial Intelligence On Your Commodore 64" by Tim Hartnell and adapted for the TI-99 by me, Brian H ['GratedTopping'], in March 2009.


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It's essentially a very primitive text parser. Cute, although the AI part of it is a little stretch...


Yes, indeed. I wouldn't call it AI, but a lot of "AI" books of the time would have identified it as such. Still, it was cool to check out and thought I'd share it with folks.


It's too bad I can't find a real version of "Shrdlu" (for the TI or elsewhere). I read up on that and I'd like to try it somehow.

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