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Proto Man 3


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I thought I finished, but I still have a few frames of animation to clear up. I'll post back when I'm done, sorry about this!


Anyway, you'll be able to play as Proto Man in Mega Man 3 (and I'm also putting Proto into MM2). The goal is to create damn-near perfect (no weird frames or pixels at all) romhacks.

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Here is Proto Man 3, everything looks perfect.


EDIT: Anyone who downloaded an old version should get this one instead!




I wanted to play as Proto Man in Mega Man 3 but a good romhack didn't exist so I made one myself. Before Proto Man 3, the best Proto MM3 hack was Pixelboy's "Break Man." However, I always though Proto looked funny in that version. More importantly, "Break Man" was FUCKING PINK! Proto Man, obviously, should be red and grey, which is how I rendered him here.


I've been painstakingly meticulous with this romhack, every one of Proto's pixels is in the proper place, a rarity in these things. Usually one or two frames of animation are off, which really takes away from the enjoyment. There are no awkward frames of animation, Proto Man runs, jumps, and shoots like a pro, and I think this version looks good enough to burn on to a real NES cart (if anyone is ever so inclined). I'd give it a while though, you never know if a glitched graphic will appear.


Hacking Mega Man 3 presents many more challenges than either MM1 or MM2. Graphics must be changed in (some cases) 8 separate locations in order to properly display in-game. The palettes, likewise, exist in multiple places. Several utilities were used: Tile Layer Pro (for graphics), MM3TextEdit (very easily allows for editing of the text), MegaManFLE (a MM3-5 editor), and Hexposure (good old fashion HEX editing). This was a lot of fun, and very useful as an exercise, and I'm very pleased with the finished product and hopefully the quality here will show. Enjoy!

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Proto Man 3 has got to be the best NES hack ever. easy for me to say as MM3 is pretty much my favorite NES game.


if possible, turn the CPU Proto Man into Mega Man or the Japanese one-eyed Break Man.

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