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Dead Money: Fallout NV DLC pack


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I finally got around to finishing Dead Money DLC for Fallout: New Vegas.


Spoilers ahead.


This had to be the hardest DLC released to date. Except maybe for the early stages in Operation Anchorage(which was moreso stealth challenges), this one topped them all. The funny thing is, combat isn't the difficulty. It's the stealth aspect & running back & forth to safe spots so one's collar doesn't go off. You have to quickly run from point a to point B & wait for a sec for the collar to reset.


Often you have to save & wait out at a safe spot, run around a bit to look around & run back to safe spot. If there's no speakers or radios to shut down, you have to try your luck & find the next spot, running like mad.


Same goes for the cloudy areas, where in some instances you do have to run through to complete the quest. But I had the sub-dermal implant & plenty of aids to bring up my health. Only had to consult a youtube vid once to get to the next collar-free zone.


I probably didn't get the optimal ending(got only one bar), but I saved all three companions.


What are your thoughts?

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i love fallout and n.v. but from the sounds of it i'll definitely be skipping this dlc. i have no patience for timed/stealth anything. i'll wait for the equivalent of broken steel or point lookout.


Point Lookout was...strange, but I liked it. Very different than good 'ol DC. Maybe it was the hallucination scene you got to live through.


Dead Money is good if you got tired of the usual shoot & kill combat in Fallout's universe. You had to think ahead & experiment a few times to get from safe spot to safe spot & avoid the immortal holograms & zip through the deadly clouds. I died numerous times falling off a jump-point or just not having enough time to get to point B.


It still has the old-timey touch of things with the decor & stylings of Americana that Fallout delivers in great quantities. You are almost reminded of BiosShock's locations with the decor.

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