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1942 WIP


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* Looking into fixing the flicker madness, doesn't look like i'm going to get 6 planes on the field

* My collisioin detect is BROKEN, for some reason I can't get it working

* I'm having a hard time with sounds and music


Hello there, I liked your project - I was always a fan of 1942!


About the collision (and also flickering), maybe you could take a look at this topic. Once I had a strange problem with flickering and collision (which was not working) and it was only related to drawscreen. In that topic you will also find some codes by RevEng which were really helpful for me.


About the music, I can help you with that in the future. For now I am helping Philsan on the Rocky Horror Show title screen theme (plus I am really busy this time of the year). Once I have the time I would definitely be able to give some helping hand.


Anyway... the new batari Basic is on the way =P


Keep the good work!

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On 2/4/2011 at 4:52 AM, homerhomer said:

I was thinking about what game I should make and I though 1942 would be really cool. Although I'm new to programming, I was able to piece together a start.


Any help would be awesome


default.bas 6.34 kB · 129 downloads

default.bas.bin 8 kB · 189 downloads

@Pat Brady, @splendidnut and I have played a bit with the code. Here is the most recent (01/05/2023) output of our efforts:

1942 NTSC.bas.bin

1942 PAL60.bas.bin


PlusCart user can find the recent NTSC/PAL60 binaries in the PlusStore folder: "Public ROMs/WIP/0-G/1942 bB/" or in "Recently Added ROMs"


Source code can be found here: https://github.com/Al-Nafuur/1942-bB

"How To Play" Wiki: https://github.com/Al-Nafuur/1942-bB/wiki/How-to-play



  • Boss intro needs to repeat 3 times
  • Include typewriter sound by @Pat Brady and animation to end and game over screen



  • Fix graphics corruption in multisprite kernel by @splendidnut
  • New score font (more arcade like)






  • Multi color changes
  • Collision check fixes and optimizations



  • Multi colored sprites kernel by @splendidnut
  • Fix no landing after boss fight when background music is turned off
  • Fix PowerUps
  • Changes for bB v1.6/v1.7



  • Bugfix landscape grey after takeoff
  • Side fighter collision improved
  • Planes from bottom shoot before leaving the screen (starting in stage 24)



  • Boss explosion and victory tune (sfx by @Pat Brady)
  • Smoother playfield scrolling of landscape (4px)
  • Fix flicker of carrier superstructures at game/stage start
  • Return to title screen from text screens with joystick button
  • bug fix for lethal PowerUps



  • 4 more attack waves
  • fly off side fighter before landing
  • white power up "Enemy Crash" makes player invincible in the next wave
  • A lot of code changes and bug fixes



  • New/rearranged attack waves
  • Enemies are shooting missiles (ramps up during the waves)
  • Movement of boss missiles improved
  • The bosses need much more hits (also ramps up)
  • Boss intro and background music by @Pat Brady
  • Player is invincible during respawn music
  • Looping counter is set to 3 every landing, if the Player has less than 3 loopings
  • A lot of code changes and bug fixes



  • Side fighter collision detection



  • Fixed wrong REFPx on NUSIZx changed
  • Add reset restrainer for game-over and endscreen
  • PlusROM functions sent bonus scores to HSC backend



  • Added looping sfx (by @Pat Brady)

  • Added game-over music (by @Pat Brady)

  • Consolidated sfx driver to save ROM space (by @Pat Brady)

  • Added game-over screen with statistics and endscreen

  • Scoring bug fixed



  • Player0 missiles have different (darker) color than player
  • Text pages have individual color per text line
  • some small bug fixes and text chars changed



  • Send score to the PlusROM High Score Club (needs PlusROM enabled emulator or device)

  • Moving the joystick to the left on the title screen loads high score table from HSC backend (textkernel by @cd-w)

  • Some code cleanups and improvements



  • New sound effects for power-ups, bonus life and hitting large enemies by @Pat Brady

  • Respawn music by @Pat Brady

  • Improved collision detection

  • New attack positions

  • Some code cleanups and improvements



  • Switched to 32K with SC RAM bankswitching

  • Add PowerUps

  • Some code cleanups and improvements



  • Show current stage (32 -> 1) before takeoff

  • Fix landscape not mirrored bug

  • Some code cleanup and improvements



  • Looping with second joystick button

  • Fix shooting during looping and explosion

  • Bonus scores for big planes and boss

  • Extra life every 10000 points

  • Support for exit function on title screen

  • The enemies are moving towards the player

  • Some code cleanup and improvements

  • Begin of collision detection for NUSIZ enemies (not finished, shooting the left enemy removes all enemies)



  • Looping animation

  • Explosion animation

  • Fixed muted background music

  • Fixed loop counter in scores when switched to repeated playfield



  • massive code refactoring

  • new sound effect for landing and tweaks of other sound effects by @Pat Brady

  • switched to 16K with SC RAM bankswitching

  • changed playfield height resolution to 4px for a smoother scrolling

  • Boss plane Ayako is bigger, without flicker and shoots

  • split up the landscape and carrier/boss playfield definition in two pages

  • improved collision detection (still WIP)

  • looping (second button or select switch) with wrong animation and sound

  • detection and logo for PlusROM support added to the titlescreen

  • detection and logo for Genesis controller added to the titlescreen



  • Boss plane Ayako (flickering)

  • Attack position sequence
  • Scroll in players from bottom
  • Code cleanup and Improvements



  • One more scanline issue fixed
  • Some code optimizations



  • Changed map and carrier size/shape

  • Added new carrier tower by @TIX

  • Deactivated Runway markings (because of: multisprite kernel issue)

  • Fixed bug in takeoff sound (Thanks @Pat Brady for debuging)

  • Fixed middle sized plane flying upwards

  • Added reset restrainer

  • Reset titlescreen music on game over

  • Changed some attack formations (still not final)



  • Takeoff sound effect by @Pat Brady
  • Sound effects (not final) for shooting, collision with enemies and shooting enemies.



  • Workaround for scanline issue of multisprite kernel, if P1 - P5 are on the same Y position above the screen
  • Carrier tower and improved scrolling of carrier superstructures
  • Touching the enemy planes will reduce the live counter and reset the attack wave. After the last live the game switches back to the titlescreen


  • In-Game music by @Pat Brady (can be switched off with left difficulty switch set to A)
  • Runway markings
  • Refined attack movement
  • Longer levels from level 2 upwards (Playfield repeated and sand island)


  • New titlescreen music and player by @Pat Brady
  • Game engine redesign


  • Titlescreen music (loud!)
  • 6lives minikernel
  • attack formations not random (no flicker)


  • More playfield rows for a smother scrolling


  • Titlescreen added
  • switched to 16K ROM
  • reduced flicker (slightly)
  • Added aircraft carrier and a chunky scrolling landscape


Old binaries:



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1 hour ago, Pat Brady said:

Might I offer an alternative TIA version of the title song? I did this with Paul Slocum's Music Kit but would be glad to convert it to whatever format you could use.

Whoah, this sounds INCREDIBLE!! Astounding work squeezing these sounds out of the TIA!


- James

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4 hours ago, Pat Brady said:

Might I offer an alternative TIA version of the title song? I did this with Paul Slocum's Music Kit but would be glad to convert it to whatever format you could use.

I am using the batari Basic format from this example:



This is also the bB format that MidiTari exports.



1 hour ago, Pat Brady said:

Here's an updated song that loops.

1942.bin 4 kB · 6 downloads

Awesome !

I would love to use this one at the titlescreen.



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Just now, Pat Brady said:

Okay, I'll get started converting the title song first, then take a stab at the in-game music.

I had a look at Paul Slocum's Music Kit and it might not be that easy to convert the data to the bB format.


Alternatively I might try and include the Slocum player. Therefor I need your "song.h" file.

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