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1942 WIP


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14 hours ago, D Train said:

Not sure if anyone is interested, but there were three US aircraft carriers at the Battle of Midway (June, 1942):  the Enterprise (CV-6), the Hornet (CV-8) and the Yorktown (CV-5).  The Cape Esperance (CVE-88) did have hull number 88, but did not enter the war until 1944 and was an "escort carrier," a type of bargain basement aircraft carrier which could be built quickly in greater number, but which were slower and much smaller than the larger fleet carriers.


I'm guessing that the carrier in the original game was hull number 88?


This bit of pedantry brought to you by random access memory of US carrier operations in WWII, and wikipedia.  ;)

Make it unique to the 2600..... go with "26" instead!

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5 hours ago, Prizrak said:

@Al_Nafuur the big planes that come from the left hand side have me stay to the right most of the time due to them coming out of no where and hitting me from behind. Anyway to add some depth by having collision off until they get closer to the top like the plane is flying under you or your fighter is higher in altitude? So far I'm loving the progress.


4 hours ago, Yurkie said:

I agree this is an issue,

The attack formations aren't fully defined yet. The waves with the big airplane flying up are just copied. We can define 10 different attack formations (and maybe double/triple a plane via NUSIZ every level or stage)


4 hours ago, Yurkie said:

also it seems hard to shoot down. Maybe fly slower also.

shooting down in 1942 ?

or do you mean shooting the enemies down? The collision detection is still the old one by @homerhomer and it needs to be adapted to the triple and double players I introduced.


The next thing I want to fix is the scanline issues with the multisprite kernel, and then I want to get the game engine more solid.









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new binaries in my first post and in PlusStore.


  • Changed map and carrier size/shape

  • Added new carrier tower by @TIX

  • Deactivated Runway markings (because of: multisprite kernel issue)

  • Fixed bug in takeoff sound (Thanks @Pat Brady for debuging)

  • Fixed middle sized plane flying upwards

  • Added reset restrainer

  • Reset titlescreen music on game over

  • Changed some attack formations (still not final)


We are still having scanline issues with the multisprite kernel, so the PAL60 version often switches to B/W for one frame.



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I have some interest in making a sprite based scrolling engine for an NES Pinball style game.  Also, 2 player simultaneous Adventure.


If anyone can figure out how to improve/replace the multi sprite kernel with better flicker handling and bigger missiles/ball I'm sure 1942, Pinball and co op Adventure will be much better  :)

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ZeroPage Homebrew is playing 1942 on tomorrow's (Tue Nov 2, 2021) stream LIVE on Twitch at 6PM PT | 9PM ET | 1AM GMT! Hope you can join us!


After Dark:



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1 hour ago, Gemintronic said:

I wonder if you could eliminate the flicker by changing the boss to a playfield.  One could scroll the screen to fake swooping in and out.

excellent idea! Playfield scrolling is easy to achieve and the boss isn't moving left/right anyway.


I just checked and it is possible to switch the pfheight in the multisprite kernel at runtime.


With a playfield Boss we can use all 5 multisprites (even doubled/tripled) as enemy bullets.


I think we will switch also to 4px height for the landscape, this will make scrolling even more smooth. We have to achieve variety in the landscape by changing the colors of the islands (gras, sand, jungle) and by switching between a mirrored and repeated playfield. Maybe we can use a playfield that is longer than one page (256 bytes).


The only disadvantage is that it will need a major rework of the code.




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8 hours ago, devwebcl said:

The game is very accurate to the original, and below is my feedback for improvement:

thanks for your feedback


I can barely see my bullets in a lcd screen, perhaps it is better in a crt tv.

Unfortunately the multisprite kernel only has 1px height missiles and ball. So I am looking for a way to make them higher or using a different color for the missile0 and switch to the player0 color just before the player0 gets drawn. But the timings in the kernel loops are very tight and my experiences with hacking TIA kernels are very limited.



Also I noticed that can't move diagonally,  Which much harder the gameplay.

moving diagonally is on the to-do list..


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  • 2 weeks later...

new binaries in my first post and in PlusStore.



  • massive code refactoring

  • new sound effect for landing and tweaks of other sound effects by @Pat Brady

  • switched to 16K with SC RAM bankswitching

  • changed playfield height resolution to 4px for a smoother scrolling

  • Boss plane Ayako is bigger, without flicker and shoots

  • split up the landscape and carrier/boss playfield definition in two pages

  • improved collision detection (still WIP)

  • looping (second button or select switch) with wrong animation and sound

  • detection and logo for PlusROM support added to the titlescreen

  • detection and logo for Genesis controller added to the titlescreen



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